[HOTEL] Gran Mahakam Hotel – Deluxe Room

September 30th, 2017 – October 1st, 2017. I was very lucky to have a chance to stay at Hotel Gran Mahakam. As a 5-star boutique hotel, Gran Mahakam designed with a blend of classical and modern style in an ambiance of unparalleled elegance. When they asked me to stay there, I was super happy. HotelContinue reading “[HOTEL] Gran Mahakam Hotel – Deluxe Room”

[HOTEL] Holiday Inn Cikarang Jababeka – Deluxe Room with Terrace – Part One

December 17th – December 18th, 2106. I was very lucky to have a chance to visit a hotel in Cikarang area. When I told about this hotel, some people were like, “What? Cikarang? What can you do there? There’re only factories and industrial estates.” And the good thing is, I made up my mind toContinue reading “[HOTEL] Holiday Inn Cikarang Jababeka – Deluxe Room with Terrace – Part One”

[HOTEL] All Seasons Thamrin Jakarta – Deluxe Room City View

October 22nd – October 23rd, 2016 Another weekend getaway. This time, closer to my place. Actually, I had been there for their dinner. But this time, I stayed. I asked my hubby to accompanying me. I guess he’s very happy. So, after he picked me up on a foodtasting in Mega Kuningan area, we arrivedContinue reading “[HOTEL] All Seasons Thamrin Jakarta – Deluxe Room City View”

[HOTEL] Ramada ENCORE Bali Seminyak – Deluxe Pool Side Room

March 23rd, 2016. Last day at Bali, I stayed at hotel in Seminyak area. I will tell you about my previous hotel after this. I went there with Uber. A nice driver. He said that Uber wasn’t allow at the area, so I asked him to wait for me because I needed to go toContinue reading “[HOTEL] Ramada ENCORE Bali Seminyak – Deluxe Pool Side Room”

[HOTEL] Pullman Jakarta Indonesia Hotel – Deluxe Room

July 12th, 2014. My sister got a complimentary stay at Deluxe Room Pullman Jakarta Indonesia Hotel at MH Thamrin when she had Sweet 17th Birthday Bash at Sana Sini Restaurant for her daughter. I took the chance to look at their room and took pictures there. This sleek, elegant hotel is situated in the heart of Thamrin,Continue reading “[HOTEL] Pullman Jakarta Indonesia Hotel – Deluxe Room”

[HOTEL] Tegal Sari Ubud Bali

Permintaan seorang teman utk me-review Tegal Sari, membuat gw muter balik waktu ke tahun 2010, en mulai mengumpulkan foto2nya. Semoga ngebantu ya 🙂 Pertama kali liat Tegal Sari Ubud gw sih gak sampe tertarik gimana banget yak. Kesannya kalo liat di website kan tempatnya biasa2 aja tuh. 3 tahun yang lalu, tepatnya saat gw merayakanContinue reading “[HOTEL] Tegal Sari Ubud Bali”

[BOGOR] Hotel The Mirah

Keluarga besar gw punya rencana berlibur ke Ciawi tgl 23 Desember 2012, sekalian merayakan ultah keponakan gw si Rimsky. Hr Sabtu-nya gw en hubby duluan kabur ke Bogor, melewatkan wiken di sana. Gak nyesel juga sih, karena ternyata hr Sabtu itu hujan lebat en banjir di Jakarta *sigh* Sabtu pagi itu gw berangkat ke Bogor,Continue reading “[BOGOR] Hotel The Mirah”