[EVENT] Basque X Cuca: Sugar Rush from Bali to Noble House Mega Kuningan Jakarta

April 13th, 2017. I got the VIP invitation from Cuca Bali to a Sugar Rush event at Basque. Virginia sent me the message and asked me to choose from 3 dates. So, I chose April 13th. Yaaaay, finally I could meet up with Virginia and Kevin. Long time no see. Basque X Cuca. Remember thoseContinue reading “[EVENT] Basque X Cuca: Sugar Rush from Bali to Noble House Mega Kuningan Jakarta”

[BALI] In Love with Cuca

March 21st, 2014. Finally. Cuca. After almost a year, I set my foot there. 10 months. OMG! On May 2013, they held an event in Jakarta. You can read it HERE 🙂 And I promised Virginia and Kevin that someday we will come to Cuca. So, after I bought ticket to Bali, I emailed VirginiaContinue reading “[BALI] In Love with Cuca”

[BALI] Discovering Taste by Cuca

19 Mei 2013. Gw en hubby ikutan event yg diadakan oleh pasangan Virginia Entizne dan Chef Kevin Cherkas. Event ini bertema: discovering taste. Event diadakan di 1 Park Residences di function room tower C. Gw en hubby udah register en berkesempatan datang, jadi kita abis rayain ultah Egen di PP, meluncur deh ke Gandaria situ.Continue reading “[BALI] Discovering Taste by Cuca”