Kopi Kalyan Cikajang Senopati Jakarta

October 18th, 2016. I went to this new place around 2pm. I had a meeting with Darius there. I was late because I had to meet high-school friends at another place earlier. I heard about this place some time ago, but I totally forgot to mention it to my group. Hohoho. Sorry guys. Well, here we wereContinue reading “Kopi Kalyan Cikajang Senopati Jakarta”

Sleepyhead Coffee Gunawarman Senopati Jakarta

October 12th, 2016. I heard about this coffeeshop right after their opening. But.. because they didn’t open on Sunday, it’s really hard for me to visit the place with my hang-out-buddies. I tried to go there by myself, but I found it’s weird for me to go to a new place without a company. So, whenContinue reading “Sleepyhead Coffee Gunawarman Senopati Jakarta”

Fillmore Coffee Karet Kuningan Setiabudi Jakarta

May 14th, 2016. First time coming to this new coffee shop with a friend of mine. 2 days after their opening date. And I came again on May 22nd and May 28th with another friends. A friend said to me, “You’re really addicting to this place!!” Hahaha. But it’s so true. The place is reallyContinue reading “Fillmore Coffee Karet Kuningan Setiabudi Jakarta”

[BALI] Corner House Seminyak Bali

January 19th, 2016. Last day in Bali. OMG! I remember, I didn’t wanna go home. Huhuhuhu *sobbing* I wanna stay forever in Bali. But yeah, life goes on. I had to go back to reality. But before that, let me enjoy the day. Corner House. Located in Kayu Aya, Kerobokan, Corner House both expressed feminineContinue reading “[BALI] Corner House Seminyak Bali”

[BANDUNG] Jack Runner Roastery Ciumbuleuit Bandung

January 8th, 2016. Continuing my journey in Bandung. I landed happily at Jack Runner Roastery in Ciumbuleuit area. A cute coffee shop on the road side. It’s not hard to find the place. Just go straight to Ciumbuleuit street and look at the right side. Voila! Jack Runner! I was in love with the placeContinue reading “[BANDUNG] Jack Runner Roastery Ciumbuleuit Bandung”

Watt Coffee Kwitang Senen Jakarta

June 2nd, 2015. I went to Watt Coffee with “crazy” fellow foodies LOL. Actually it was my first time there. I was stunned by the place. It was not so big, but not so small. It was quite cozy and comfortable. Smoking area was outside, while non-smoking area was inside. We are located right inContinue reading “Watt Coffee Kwitang Senen Jakarta”

Koultoura Greenville Jakarta

A cup full of  jolt keeps you bright owl day. That’s a motto I found from Koultoura. Yaaaaay, finally I went there. The most happening coffee shop nowadays. A little bit too late, but “better late than never” aight??? I went there with my complete group, plus hubby and Rinto. We were doing our surpriseContinue reading “Koultoura Greenville Jakarta”