[EVENT] LALLA Christmas Set Menu

December 23rd, 2018. Setelah sekian lama, mampir lagi ke Lalla. Tempatnya gak ada perubahan. Masi cantik seperti dulu, cuma bedanya ada hiasan lampu2 aja. Mencerminkan lampu Natal yang kelap kelip dengan indahnya. Gw datang pas di jam buka jam 11. Bahkan mereka belon buka pintu. LOL. Tipikal gw. Kalo datang on-time. Masi suka sama tempatnya.Continue reading “[EVENT] LALLA Christmas Set Menu”

[EVENT] Rosso’s Christmas Eve and Day set menu at Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta

November 14th, 2017. OMG I totally forgot to make review about this one. I was invited to Rosso to try their Christmas menus. And I will tell you about it right now. *sorry Ami for the late review* Actually I loved the way they decorated the table situation for the Christmas decorations. You can seeContinue reading “[EVENT] Rosso’s Christmas Eve and Day set menu at Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta”

[EVENT] Art of Giving at Raffles Hotel Jakarta

December 4th, 2016. I always loved to be back to Arts Cafe by Raffles Jakarta. I remember the first time I went there, and now I lost counts. It’s like a second home *hahaha I wish!!!* Well, this holiday season, experience festive joy with Raffles Jakarta by elevating the spirit of giving to a formContinue reading “[EVENT] Art of Giving at Raffles Hotel Jakarta”

[EVENT] Beary Christmas Tree for Charity at The Park Lane Hotel Jakarta

November 29th, 2016. “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas..” I sang a Christmas song all the way to The Park Lane Hotel Jakarta. I got invitation to Park Lane for their Christmas event. Let’s see what they have this year. 🙂 The Park Lane Hotel Jakarta is pleased to annouced the tallest BatikContinue reading “[EVENT] Beary Christmas Tree for Charity at The Park Lane Hotel Jakarta”

[EVENT] Yule Love It Christmas at Holiday Inn Kemayoran Jakarta

November 16th, 2016. Another favourite hotel in Jakarta on my list. LOL. Well, I tried to make time for my favourite hotels. So when Vanessa contacted me to come to their event, I put the schedule right away on my calendar. “Can’t wait to come!” I said. Come where? Of course, to Holiday Inn KemayoranContinue reading “[EVENT] Yule Love It Christmas at Holiday Inn Kemayoran Jakarta”

[EVENT] Christmas and New Year Intimate Luncheon at Gran Mahakam Hotel

October 12th, 2016. For me, happiness is Christmas time!!! Taking pictures with Christmas Trees all around the mall in Jakarta, will be an amazing thing to do when I go to shopping malls with my hubby. It’s so fun! And, it’s 2 months to go. Gran Mahakam Hotel, as usual, had planned for this festiveContinue reading “[EVENT] Christmas and New Year Intimate Luncheon at Gran Mahakam Hotel”

[BOGOR] Christmas Family Gathering Jambuluwuk Ciawi Resort

23 Desember 2012. Dari Bogor, gw en hubby menyusuri Tajur sampe ke Tapos, bolak balik telepon, akhirnya ketemu juga Jambuluwuk Ciawi Resort (JCR). Gw langsung menuju Vila Manado, tempat cici gw udah booking kemaren ini. Vila Manado terdiri atas 2 lantai. Lantai atas ada 2 kamar dengan 2 kamar mandi, 1 living room luas dengan pintuContinue reading “[BOGOR] Christmas Family Gathering Jambuluwuk Ciawi Resort”