GODIVA Chocolatier Plaza Indonesia Thamrin Jakarta

May 18th, 2015. I went to GODIVA Chocolatier, after a very nice lunch. It’s time for another desserts! LOL. I should meet the brand manager but too bad she stucked in some meeting. So the people there helped me to taste the latest chocolixir. 🙂 The interior of the place didn’t change at all. Ugh, it’sContinue reading “GODIVA Chocolatier Plaza Indonesia Thamrin Jakarta”

GODIVA Chocolixir Plaza Indonesia Thamrin Jakarta

End of July 2013, 7 coupons from GODIVA came.  Pas deh buat dibagi2 ke SkinnyMini en the husbands, mumpung baru 2 orang yg punya pasangan.  Ternyata selama summer 2013, GODIVA is presenting the CHOCOLIXIR Collection. Temanya adalah: Icy Flavour that lingers in your mouth. Created in 1926 in Brussels by Pierre Draps and further establishedContinue reading “GODIVA Chocolixir Plaza Indonesia Thamrin Jakarta”