[EVENT] Yule Love It Christmas at Holiday Inn Kemayoran Jakarta

November 16th, 2016. Another favourite hotel in Jakarta on my list. LOL. Well, I tried to make time for my favourite hotels. So when Vanessa contacted me to come to their event, I put the schedule right away on my calendar. “Can’t wait to come!” I said. Come where? Of course, to Holiday Inn KemayoranContinue reading “[EVENT] Yule Love It Christmas at Holiday Inn Kemayoran Jakarta”

[EVENT] Ramadan Feast at Holiday Inn Jakarta Kemayoran

May 31st, 2016. I went to Holiday Inn Jakarta Kemayoran. There’s funny story about that day. I left my bag at the apartment, but I forgot. I thought I brought it with me. When I arrived to the hotel, I was shocked. “Where’s my bag?? Where’s my bag??” I called the car, and the driverContinue reading “[EVENT] Ramadan Feast at Holiday Inn Jakarta Kemayoran”

Botany Restaurant Holiday Inn Jakarta Kemayoran

February 21st, 2016. Kemayoran was not my playground area.  I just knew that they have Jakarta International Expo (JIExpo), a convention and exhibition center where some of Jakarta’s largest events are held annually, including the Java Jazz Festival. And I never went there too hahaha. So, when Holiday Inn Jakarta Kemayoran asked me to comeContinue reading “Botany Restaurant Holiday Inn Jakarta Kemayoran”