[HOTEL] BEGRENO HOME Boutique Resort

January 6th, 2018 – January 7th, 2018 Time for our family to have an annual gathering. Yaaaay. It’s actually our first annual gathering without our Mom *miss you mom* and we decided to go to BEGRENO HOME Boutique Resort in Ciawi area. Escape to nature in luxury. Unwind at our swimming pool. Surrounded with lushContinue reading “[HOTEL] BEGRENO HOME Boutique Resort”

[BOGOR] Cohere at Ciheuleut Baranangsiang Bogor

January 6th, 2018. Third destination. Cohere. From outside, it looked very simple. A humble place. But when I stepped inside, it was really a hidden gem in Bogor. A beautiful place with big parking area. I thought cohere means come here. But when I asked the barista, he said, “It can be anything. Coffee hereContinue reading “[BOGOR] Cohere at Ciheuleut Baranangsiang Bogor”

[BOGOR] Kopi Boutique at Jalak Harupat Bogor

January 6th, 2018. The first outlet of Kopi Boutique opened in Cipete area. But I’ve never been there. So, when I heard that they opened in Bogor, it became our second destination. The diversity of Indonesia is not only manifested in the form of art, culture and society, but also in the form of biologicalContinue reading “[BOGOR] Kopi Boutique at Jalak Harupat Bogor”

[BOGOR] The Coffee Companion at Achmad Adnawijaya Bogor

January 6th, 2018. Yaaaay. Finally I went to Bogor again. This time I went with hubby, on our way to family gathering. I asked hubby to keep me company for coffeeshops-hopping. And we visited The Coffee Companion as our first destination. The place divided into 2 area. Smoking area and non-smoking area. The place isContinue reading “[BOGOR] The Coffee Companion at Achmad Adnawijaya Bogor”

[BOGOR] Two Stories at Padjajaran Baranangsiang Bogor

February 22nd, 2017. Another famous place in Bogor. I heard about them not long ago, and shocked that it’s opened around 3 years since 2014. Well, finally had a chance to visit the place. We’re already full but we managed to finish our cafe hopping before went to Suryakencana area for pork dish hahaha. So,Continue reading “[BOGOR] Two Stories at Padjajaran Baranangsiang Bogor”

[BOGOR] Lemongrass at Padjadjaran Bogor

February 22nd, 2017. Continuing my culinary journey to the rain city, Bogor. I heard about this place about 2 years ago. It’s very happening at the time. And finally I had chance to visit the famous restaurant Lemongrass. We offer modern kopitiam concept wrapped in tropical paradise architecture and interior design theme. We provide uniqueContinue reading “[BOGOR] Lemongrass at Padjadjaran Bogor”

[BOGOR] Popolo Coffee at Baranangsiang Pajajaran East Bogor

February 22nd, 2017. The day before, Ivan got an idea to visit Bogor. He said, “We go to Bogor tomorrow. What do you think?” Actually we had planned to go to a foodtasting but it was cancelled. So, I thought, why not. It’s been a long time ago since I came to Bogor. Ivan pickedContinue reading “[BOGOR] Popolo Coffee at Baranangsiang Pajajaran East Bogor”

[BOGOR] Sop Duren Lodaya Bogor Selatan

January 2nd, 2015. I went to Sop Duren Lodaya when I visited Bogor. So many people said that it was so good. That’s why when my Mom and sisters wanna go there, I came along with them. We drove in about 15-20 minutes from hotel. The Ambiance We chose to eat at first floor becauseContinue reading “[BOGOR] Sop Duren Lodaya Bogor Selatan”

[HOTEL] Aston Bogor Hotel and Resort The Jungle Nirwana Residence

January 1st, 2015 to January 3rd, 2015. I stayed at Aston Bogor Hotel and Resort with my big family. Actually this was our second time. But last time I didn’t take many pictures, so I only reviewed this hotel on my latest trip. And of course, sorry for my late blogpost. #badhabit lalalala.. Well, thisContinue reading “[HOTEL] Aston Bogor Hotel and Resort The Jungle Nirwana Residence”

[BOGOR] Sop Buntut Ma’emun

Pertama nyoba sop buntut ini Juni 2010 waktu diajak cici gw sekeluarga ke sana 🙂 Semua berawal dari rekomendasi bbrp orang tentang enaknya sop buntut di Bogor, Sop Buntut Ma’emun. Waktu itu makan yg di jalan Sudirman, namanya Sop Buntut Sapi Mang Endang Incu Ma’emun *panjangnyaaaaaaaaa* Gw langsung jatuh cinta bo. Dagingnya banyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak banget, danContinue reading “[BOGOR] Sop Buntut Ma’emun”

[BOGOR] Kedai Kita

Berhubung kemaren sampe Bogor masi pagi, jadinya gw en hubby muter2 cari tempat makan yg udah buka pagi2, dan mendaratlah kita di Kedai Kita. Ih, pas bener namanya ya hahaha.. Awalnya sih kurang yakin yak, tp berhubung buka paling pagi en dia ada makanan2 yg lumayan mengenyangkan, jadi kita pilih di situ deh. Maklum, sopContinue reading “[BOGOR] Kedai Kita”

[BOGOR] Hotel The Mirah

Keluarga besar gw punya rencana berlibur ke Ciawi tgl 23 Desember 2012, sekalian merayakan ultah keponakan gw si Rimsky. Hr Sabtu-nya gw en hubby duluan kabur ke Bogor, melewatkan wiken di sana. Gak nyesel juga sih, karena ternyata hr Sabtu itu hujan lebat en banjir di Jakarta *sigh* Sabtu pagi itu gw berangkat ke Bogor,Continue reading “[BOGOR] Hotel The Mirah”