Osaze Bistro & Grill at Kemang Raya Jakarta

September 8th, 2017. I went to Osaze Bistro & Grill after attending an event *you can see my previous post*. Actually I met Feilica from Chope, and she asked me to join her to Osaze. Well, I didn’t have any plan at that time, so yeah, I joined her there.


When we arrived at Osaze, I found out that it was previously Clea Tea. They still have the flowers shop. They didn’t renovate the place much. And, the ambiance still the same. Well, Feilica had the meeting there, and I took photos around the place. More simple than the previous one, but it’s still beautiful.

IMG_4490 IMG_4491 IMG_4492< IMG_4493 IMG_4494 IMG_4495 IMG_4496 IMG_4497 IMG_4498 IMG_4499 IMG_4500 IMG_4501 IMG_4502

Ice Latte 33k

Love the ice latte. At first, I asked them about the presentation. They told me, it would be on layers. Great! It was delicious and beautiful. Me happy!

IMG_4505 IMG_4503 IMG_4506

Iced Chocolate 50k

It’s Feilica’s order. I tried a sip, and it was really really good. I loved the presentation, and the flavour, absolutely.

IMG_4508 IMG_4509

Great job Osaze. Definitely will be back for the food.

Osaze Bistro & Grill
Jl. Kemang Raya No.95
Bangka, Jakarta
Phone: +62 21 7190232
IG: @osazebistroandgrill


Agenda Coffee & Bistro at Kelapa Gading Jakarta

July 21st, 2017. It’s Friday morning. A bright day to start my culinary journey. Yes, I’ve already had a list about new places in Kelapa Gading since I had a staycation in Kemayoran area, not far from Kelapa Gading, right? So, I visited Agenda Coffee & Bistro. It’s already in my list 2 weeks ago. *devilish laugh*


I knew about this new coffee shop from Instagram. After I kept this one on my list, I saw some foodies went there. Well, couldn’t wait to visit the place, of course. But I have to wait until Friday since it’s quite far from my apartment. When I arrived, I went inside and I loved the place instantly. They occupied 2 levels of the building, but the barista said the second level hasn’t been opened yet. There’re a bunch of moms sitting at the back area. I think waiting for their kids from school.

IMG_1720 IMG_1721 IMG_0818 IMG_0813 IMG_1726 IMG_1723 IMG_1722 IMG_1724  IMG_1732 IMG_1733 IMG_1725 IMG_0814

Salted Caramel Latte 40k

I asked them which one is better, hazelnut or salted caramel. The barista told me that most people ordered salted caramel. Well, then I ordered their salted caramel latte. It’s delicious for sure but too coffee for me.

IMG_1731 IMG_1727

Fish and Chips 49k

Generous serves of Fish Fillet with fries and tar tar sauce

Surprisingly, I loved their french fries. Dip it in the tar tar sauce and it’s super delicious. The fish fillet was tender and delightful. But they could make it thicker hahaha.. The fish fillet was too thin for me LOL.

IMG_1728 IMG_1729

Honey BBQ Wings 29k

This was the complimentary, since they had this promotion buy 1 brunchie menu get 1 meeting agenda menu. Yaaaaay. I chose honey bbq wings because I didn’t wanna order the spicy one. Too bad it’s still had a spicy flavour hahahaha.. But tasted so good. The chicken meat was tender. Well-seasoned and flavourful. I think my hubby will love it, since he loved chicken wings, but next time should be no spicy at all. 🙂


Thank you Agenda for the hospitality. It’s definitely a lovely place to hang out with friends or just some me-time. Will be back again soon yaaaaaa.

Agenda Coffee & Bistro
Jl. Boulevard Raya Blok QA 5 No. 23
Kelapa Gading, Jakarta
Phone: +62812-9730-4519
IG: @agendacoffeejkt

ECOLOGY Bistro & Lounge at Kemang Raya Jakarta

July 11th, 2017. I saw ECOLOGY on Instagram. So when I went to Kemang today, I visited the place. They used to be 365 Eco Bar, but they changed their concept and renovated the place. It’s better and more beautiful. See for yourself below. 🙂


When I stepped inside, I was like a little girl with ice cream. The place was very very spacious with homey concept. The wooden furnitures and comfortable ambiance made me wanna running around and rolling over the place hahaha.. It’s very cozy. And for those #OOTD lovers, you should go there. So many #OOTD spots! My words couldn’t describe about this place. Let my photos do the job, ok!

IMG_0412 IMG_0416 IMG_0410 IMG_0409 IMG_1361 IMG_1347 IMG_1348 IMG_1349 IMG_1356 IMG_1351 IMG_1357 IMG_1352 IMG_1353 IMG_1354 IMG_1355 IMG_1350 IMG_1358 IMG_1359 IMG_1346 IMG_1360

Chamomile Tea 22k

IMG_1363 IMG_1365

Mango Juice 48k

Love the mango juice. It’s fresh juice, so it’s very very fresh.

IMG_1369 IMG_1370

Seared Semur Ayam 110k

Chicken thighs, confit garlic, soy garlic puree, chimichurri

The chicken was delicious. Tender meat and delicate texture. Love the combination of the chicken, garlic puree and chimichurri. But I think it needed Additional Steamed Rice 35k. Without the rice, it’s a little bit salty for me. Recommended!

IMG_1367 IMG_1366 IMG_1368

Chocolate Banana Cake 55k

With chocolate mousse, bruleed banana, sweet pistachios

Complimentary from them since I had an issue earlier *I complained about something*. It’s a good gesture from them. Actually I didn’t wanna accept the complimentary. But they forced me to accept it, so ok lah, thank you so much. Like I said, it’s a really good gesture from them.

IMG_1372 IMG_1373

Great job with the renovation, ECOLOGY. Really impressed me! See you again soon!

ECOLOGY Bistro Kemang
Jl. Kemang Raya No. 6
Kemang, Jakarta
Phone: +62 21 7191032
IG: @ecologyjkt