Mastercukur Barbershop & Coffee at Benda Kemang Jakarta

November 19th, 2018. Kalo udah di Kemang, gak afdol kalo gak sekalian ke jalan Benda. Di situ juga banyak banget coffee shop dan tempat makan. Terakhir main ke Benda, tempat yang mo gw datengin lagi ada event jadi kaga bisa review deh. Nah kali ini gw samperin coffee shop yang deket sama tempat itu hahaha.Continue reading “Mastercukur Barbershop & Coffee at Benda Kemang Jakarta”

Manhattan Coffee & Cuts at Panglima Polim Melawai Jakarta

November 12th, 2017. I saw this place somewhere on my hunting-new-places-journey LOL. I told my hubby, “Let’s go there!” after we had Sunday brunch at Dharmawangsa. Manhattan Coffee & Cuts. A coffee shop had a collaboration with barber shop. Yes, another blur photo LOL. It was too bright outside. And I forgot to check theContinue reading “Manhattan Coffee & Cuts at Panglima Polim Melawai Jakarta”

Kata Kopi at Sunter Jakarta

October 13th, 2017. It’s always happy to visit a new coffee shop. Actually I knew about Kata Kopi just before it opened. But as usual, I had to arrange my time to visit Sunter area. Located at the 2nd floor, above Kairos Barbershop, Kata Kopi occupied a small area. A humble corner in the busyContinue reading “Kata Kopi at Sunter Jakarta”

Chief Coffee at Ciragil Senopati Jakarta

March 28th, 2017. It’s holiday! I got a chance to kidnap my hubby all day long hahaha. So, I asked him to keep me company that day. We spent time together. Yaaaay. We were in Senopati area, so he drove me while I googled our destination. Chief Coffee. Opened August 2016, Chief Coffee is locatedContinue reading “Chief Coffee at Ciragil Senopati Jakarta”