[HOTEL] Serela Hotel Riau at LLRE. Martadinata Bandung

May 6th, 2017 – May 7th, 2017 Serela Hotel Riau Bandung is a Bandung Hotel, under Kagum Hotels group, designed to give our guests great value experience, where you can enjoy modern Bandung Hotel Rooms with friendly, affordable rates, making us an especially great choice for anyone wishing to make their visit to Bandung evenContinue reading “[HOTEL] Serela Hotel Riau at LLRE. Martadinata Bandung”

[HOTEL] Padma Hotel Bandung – Premier Suite Room – Part Two

May 5th, 2017 – May 6th, 2017 continuing our staycation at Padma Hotel Bandung. DINNER TIME We’re so lucky to get a chance to have dinner. It’s really a great privilege for us. After the afternoon tea, we managed to have some rest first. So, before we overslept, I forced my hubby to get ready forContinue reading “[HOTEL] Padma Hotel Bandung – Premier Suite Room – Part Two”

[HOTEL] Padma Hotel Bandung – Premier Suite Room – Part One

May 5th, 2017 – May 6th, 2017 Padma Hotel Bandung boasts a spectacular hill view, elegant guestrooms and exceptional hospitality personified by its 24-hours Butler Service. Located at the hillside yet only minutes away from Bandung’s city centre. Yaaaaay.. Always love staycation in Padma hotels. It’s either beautiful or pretty. That weekend, I chose toContinue reading “[HOTEL] Padma Hotel Bandung – Premier Suite Room – Part One”

[BANDUNG] Gormeteria at Pasir Kaliki Bandung

May 7th, 2017. Before we went home to Jakarta, we dropped in to another new place in Bandung. Gormeteria is a new hype, I guess. I saw their photos everywhere in foodies’ Instagram accounts. At first, I didn’t think I can make it since it’s already Sunday, and we had to go back to Jakarta.Continue reading “[BANDUNG] Gormeteria at Pasir Kaliki Bandung”

[BANDUNG] Ambrogio Patisserie at Citarum Bandung

May 6th, 2017. It’s the second day in Bandung. After we checked out from the first hotel, we moved to the second one. Then, we talked about lunch. We’re so hungry hahaha.. I asked hubby whether we had lunch in hotel or we went to another new place. And we decided to go to Ambrogio.Continue reading “[BANDUNG] Ambrogio Patisserie at Citarum Bandung”

[BANDUNG] Barleu Fine Coffee and Light Meals at Cihapit Bandung

May 5th, 2017. After 2 coffee shops, it’s time for the 3rd hahaha. Actually, I heard about this one from Natasha. It’s her friend’s coffee shop. But when I arrived there, the owner was in Jakarta LOL. Oh and the place called Barleu. Small area with outdoor and indoor space. Nice one. It’s a newContinue reading “[BANDUNG] Barleu Fine Coffee and Light Meals at Cihapit Bandung”

[BANDUNG] Sydwic at Cihapit Bandung

May 5th, 2017. Still in a passion for cafe hopping, we walked from the previous coffee shop to another. It’s only 550 meters to the next place. So yeah, we walked, through the busy highway in Bandung. And arrived at Sydwic happily because it’s a little bit hot outside. Well, good thing that we didn’tContinue reading “[BANDUNG] Sydwic at Cihapit Bandung”

[BANDUNG] Sejiwa Coffee at Progo Bandung

May 5th, 2017. I planned to come to Bandung since beginning of the year, I think. But, we just had time at the beginning of May. It’s Friday. Beautiful day. Too bad, traffic jam! 3 freaking hours! Huft. Poor hubby. But, the show must go on. We were so excited about our cafe hopping inContinue reading “[BANDUNG] Sejiwa Coffee at Progo Bandung”

[BANDUNG] Contrast Coffee at Anggrek Cihapit Bandung

May 6th, 2017. On my second day, I visited this hidden gem in Bandung. Yesterday, I saw this place on my way to a new coffee shop. So I asked my hubby to take me there today. We almost missed the place since it’s quite hidden. Good thing, the road was’t that crowded. We madeContinue reading “[BANDUNG] Contrast Coffee at Anggrek Cihapit Bandung”

[BANDUNG] Buttercup Signature Boulangerie at Four Points Bandung

October 15th, 2016. At the time, I stayed at Four Points Bandung and a friend of mine told me to stop by at the bakery near the hotel. I thought we have to go outside to find the bakery. Turned out, it was just in the same area with the hotel. Buttercup. Spacious place withContinue reading “[BANDUNG] Buttercup Signature Boulangerie at Four Points Bandung”

[HOTEL] Four Points by Sheraton Bandung – Classic King Room

October 15th – October 16th, 2016 Second night at Bandung. Finally I have a chance to review this. So tired with all those new place’ reviews. Hahaha. Well, it’s a new hotel in Bandung. So I guess, I have to try this place as soon as possible. Four Points by Sheraton Bandung. Four Points by SheratonContinue reading “[HOTEL] Four Points by Sheraton Bandung – Classic King Room”

[BANDUNG] Mimiti Coffee and Space at Sukajadi Bandung

October 14th, 2016. It’s been weeks since everybody talked about this place. I was very curious about it. So, after I had lunch with hubby, I asked him to keep me company there. And yaaaaaay he said yes. We parked our car at our previous lunch date, and walked to the coffee shop. Mimiti. I walkedContinue reading “[BANDUNG] Mimiti Coffee and Space at Sukajadi Bandung”