[JAPAN] % ΔRΔBICΔ Coffee Arashiyama Kyoto Japan

April 3rd, 2018. When I saw everybody posted about % ΔRΔBICΔ, I was super curious. So, when I finally had a chance to visit Kyoto, I told hubby to take me to % ΔRΔBICΔ right away. They have several outlets, but I came to the Arashiyama outlet, since I had another place to visit atContinue reading “[JAPAN] % ΔRΔBICΔ Coffee Arashiyama Kyoto Japan”

[JAPAN] Lost in Kyoto Japan

April 2nd, 2018 – April 4th, 2018. Finally sampe juga di Kyoto. Horeeeee. Gw bakal 2 malam di Kyoto. Setelah 2 jam lebih berangkat dari Tokyo St naek Shinkansen, finally gw nyampe di Kyoto St. Gw masih harus lanjut lagi menuju Ono St. Airbnb gw selama di Kyoto gak jauh dari Ono St. 🙂 SoreContinue reading “[JAPAN] Lost in Kyoto Japan”