[HOTEL] The Atria Residences Gading Serpong Tangerang – 2 Bedroom Apartments

December 16th, 2017 – December 18th, 2017

The Atria Residences Gading Serpong is an apartment style of home comforts living in Gading Serpong, Tangerang, inaugurated in 2012 and specially designed for business travellers, golfers, couples and groups of friends travelling for pleasure. Our residences has a perfect location in the CBD Gading Serpong and it offers different accommodation options of international standard with 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments (suites), as well as an outdoor swimming pool, Italian restaurant, fitness centre, transfers, free wifi internet.

OMG! Another lovely staycation at Gading Serpong. The Atria Residences Gading Serpong is another property managed by Parador Hotels & Resorts. It’s very near the previous hotel I stayed, The Atria Hotel Gading Serpong. Just behind the hotel.



The 2 bedroom apartments of the Atria Residences Gading Serpong offer more versatility and a better equipment for your stays in Gading Serpong. They have 48 square metres of space and a maximum capacity for 3 people in two bedrooms, as well as a kitchenette for you to cook, a table with chairs, tableware, furniture and a bathroom with bathtub.

The place is beautiful. I didn’t realize that I would get 2 bedroom apartments. If I knew, I would ask my nephews to come with us hahahaha. Well, maybe next time I make sure first LOL. Anyway, they have dining table, dispenser, sofa, TV in the living room, kitchen with refrigerator, microwave, and stove. And they have bathtub with shower in the bathroom. The bedrooms aren’t very spacious, but very cosy. They have cold AC too. Yaaaaay.

IMG_9224 IMG_9229 IMG_9220 IMG_9221 IMG_9228 IMG_9222 IMG_9223 IMG_9215 IMG_9217 IMG_9216 IMG_9219 IMG_9218 IMG_9214 IMG_9213 IMG_9211 IMG_9212


The Bianco Sapori d’Italia restaurant of the Atria Residences Gading Serpong invites you to discover the tastes of the authentic Italian cuisine, as well as other international and local specialties. Taste also our complete breakfasts, lunch boxes, detox juices… and the surprises that you will find in the Atria Residences Gading Serpong.

They gave us complimentary dinner to try their promotion menus.


The most delicious specialties of the Italian cuisine can be tasted in the Bianco Sapori d’Italia. Operating hours from 6am to 11pm.

IMG_9245 IMG_9246 IMG_9248 IMG_9249

Complimentary Bread


Raviolli Aragosta 120k

A home made raviolli pasta with lobster & ricotta cheese served with garlic butter sauce.

IMG_9236 IMG_9238

Pizza D’SEPPIA ale Bianco 98k

Our new delightful dish, squid ink seafood pizza, garnished with mozzarella cheese & mesclun salad.

IMG_9239 IMG_9240 IMG_9241 IMG_9244

Atria Blues 45k

Make a fun your day as you treat your self with combination of vanila ice cream, mint leaf and blueberries.


Dazzling Peach 45k

Refresh your mouth with a glass of peach blended, mixed with yogurt, fresh coconut milk, and topped peach slice.


I love the raviolli aragosta. Lobster and ricotta cheese. OMG! Super delicious.
The Raviolli was in the great texture. Perfecto.
Pizza D'SEPPIA ale Bianco was also my favourite.
The thin crispy dough was overwhelming with the flavour of the seafood.
And for the drinks, I prefer the Atria Blues than the Dazzling Peach.
They were both sweet but there was coconut flavour in the Dazzling Peach.
I didn't really like it hahaha.
But, we were very happy with the dinner experience at Bianco Sapori d’Italia.


IMG_9318 IMG_9317 IMG_9315 IMG_9316


We had our breakfast at Bianco Sapori d’Italia. And I love the breakfast. The chocolate danish and croissant were the best. And I really love the traditional food that I ate there. First time I tried Celimpungan from Palembang. OMG. It was so delicious!!! If I can, I want to order it a la carte when I visit the place again. It’s very very delicious!

IMG_9263 IMG_9250 IMG_9251 IMG_9314 IMG_9313 IMG_9252 IMG_9253 IMG_9254 IMG_9255 IMG_9257 IMG_9256


IMG_9258 IMG_9261 IMG_9262 IMG_9259

Thank you so much Atria Residences Gading Serpong for the lovely 2-nites staycation.

The Atria Residences Gading Serpong
CBD Gading Serpong Lot #5
Jl. Boulevard Gading Serpong
Gading Serpong, Tangerang
Phone: +62 21 292 15 999
IG: @atriaresidences


Onthree at Senopati Suites SCBD Jakarta

December 29th, 2017. Aline told me about this new place in Senopati Suites. And that lovely Friday morning, I went to Onthree with hubby. Then Aline came with her friends. We were having fun in that beautiful place. They have indoor and outdoor area. Different theme, for sure, but it’s a very stunning place. If it’s a good weather, such a very comfortable choice to sit outside. The bright natural light is overwhelming. But at that time, we sat inside. The sun was too strong.


Located on the 3rd floor of the new Senopati Suites apartment (tower A), it was very easy to find. Just search for a new Senopati Suites, just beside the previous apartment. Then they will direct you to the nearest path to Onthree. And when the elevator open its door, you will find the dazzling place.

IMG_9595 IMG_9607 IMG_9601 IMG_9597 IMG_9608 IMG_9600 IMG_9598 IMG_9599 IMG_9606 IMG_9602 IMG_9603 IMG_8546 IMG_8547 IMG_9605 IMG_9604

Flat White 36k


Kurogoma Coffee 45k

Cappucino with roasted and ground black sesame

It was Aline’s order. It’s one of their signature coffee. And when I sipped, I knew right away why it’s their signature coffee. Love the texture and the flavour. It was such a delicious coffee. The black sesame was interesting. A very interesting flavour. Recommended!


Ice Coco Latte 40k

Iced latte with hints of coconut freshness

Actually I didn’t really like coconut, but I wanted to try this drink since it’s one of their signature too. And too bad, I also didn’t like it when it’s in my iced latte. LOL. Maybe I should try the hot one. Hmm.. maybe..


Lychee Ice Tea 30k

It’s like any other lychee ice tea. Sweet and refreshing.


Green Tea Latte Iced 40k


Chocolate Almond Croissant

I forgot to ask them about the croissant whether is it homemade or not. Actually, it was very good. The texture of the croissant was very particular. Not too crispy and made it like crackers, and not too mushy and made it like common breads. Just perfect. And the taste of the chocolate with almond was just scrumptious. I think it’s one of the most delicious croissant I’ve ever tried.

IMG_9622 IMG_9623

Congratulations Onthree for the opening. Definitely will be back soon.

Senopati Suites
Tower A, 3rd Floor
Jl. Senopati No. 40
SCBD, Jakarta
Phone: +62 21 27533333
IG: @onthree.id

Native Coffee Tribe at Sautama Apartment Alam Sutera Tangerang

September 1st, 2017. Yaaaaay. Finally I could visit the second branch of Native Coffee Tribe at Alam Sutera. I heard the news about this one far before they opened for public. But, you know, it’s really far from my home. So, I need a little bit effort to visit Native.


Located in Saumata Apartment, it’s really a lovely one. Much bigger than the previous outlet in Pantai Indah Kapuk PIK. Still with those dreamcatchers hanging all around the place. Divided into 2 areas, smoking and non-smoking area. I gave my most love to the mural of a native girl on the wall at the back.

IMG_4064 IMG_4062 IMG_4063 IMG_4061 IMG_4060 IMG_4066IMG_4055IMG_4054IMG_4051IMG_4050IMG_4052IMG_4053IMG_4059IMG_4058IMG_4057IMG_4056

Lemon Iced Tea 35k

What a fresh lemon iced tea. It’s hubby’s order. He loved it so very much. Refreshing with a perfect sour taste.

IMG_4072 IMG_4073

Ice Latte 45k

I love the presentation. A beautiful glass. I wanna bring it home hahahaha.. I didn’t add sugar to this ice latte. The milk was already sweet with its own texture and flavour. So very refreshing to the hot day in Alam Sutera.

IMG_4070 IMG_4071

Cheesess Cheesecake Kyoto White 35k

Let the cherry blossom petals drape over the green moss and the cool breeze twirl. The Kyoto I know is traditional, tranquil and crisp in very subtle ways. The paper umbrella swirls as the geisha tiptoes on her cobblestone path. Our Kyoto Cheesecake reflects this city with its subtleness and the softness for that extra souffled texture.

I really loved the appearance of the cheesecake. Very beautiful with those mouthwatering berries. A slice of happiness. The texture was overwhelming. Well, it’s Cheesess. Of course, it’s one perfect cheesecake.

IMG_4067 IMG_4068

Great job Native. Definitely a keeper.

Native Coffee Tribe
Saumata Apartment
Jl. Alam Utama Kav. 12-16
Alam Sutera, Tangerang
IG: @nativecoffeetribe

Ruth’s Chris Steak House Somerset Grand Citra Jakarta

February 13th, 2016. I went to Somerset Grand Citra to attending Ruth’s Chris Steak House pre-opening VIP lunch with fellow foodies. It was very easy to find the place because the night before the invitation came, I accidentally saw the sign “Ruth’s Chris Steak House” in front of Somerset, and I wondered, “Hmm.. new place.. hmm..” And the day after, voila, the invitation came up.


Since 1965, founder Ruth Fertel’s original vision for a neighbourhood steakhouse in New Orleans has extended well beyond its shores. Ruth’s Chris Steak House, the upscale fine-dining steakhouse is opening its first restaurant on February 13, 2016. This marks the tenth restaurant in Asia, alongside world-class destinations including Japan, Hong Kong, China, Singapore and Taiwan.

Located in South Jakarta area, in the ground floor of Somerset Grand Citra Apartment, Ruth’s Chris Steak House features the fines custom-aged U.S. Prime Beef which is famous for its exceptional meat quality and excellent marbling. Each steak is served on a plate heated to 260-degree Celcius to ensure the steak stays “sizzling” hot. To fully savour the quality of its steak, no sauce is added.

Well, before I talk about the steak, let me show you around the venue. It’s definitely a welcoming fine-dining with great hospitality that hard to find these days. I couldn’t stop capturing the place because it’s super splendiferous. When you stepped inside the place, there will be a receptionist inside and ready to escort you to your seat. You will see a bar and VIP rooms before you arrive in main dining area. The interior is so elegant with classy lightings and luxurious windows around the seating area. Classic.

IMG_2869 IMG_2866 IMG_2867 IMG_2859 IMG_2862 IMG_2861 IMG_2865 IMG_2860 IMG_2863 IMG_2871

We were seated in private room that was very fancy. It’s actually two private rooms with two doors. It depends on the needs. You can use 1 room or 2 rooms, they will adjust it for you. They prepared long table with cute cow (toy for stress people) and Mardi Gras beads. So fun.

IMG_2856 IMG_2857 IMG_2872 IMG_2874 IMG_2858 IMG_2880


IMG_2878 IMG_2879 IMG_2886

Complimentary Bread

It looked hard and dry but it was really soft and delicious. Love it. Addicting, actually. 😀



Sizzlin’ Blue Crab Cakes 230k

Two jumbo lump crab cakes with sizzling lemon butter.

Love it before I squeezed the lemon. Even better after the lemon-squeezing. This crab cake was different from any other crab cakes I’ve ever tried. They need no flour to cover the crab chunks. You will experience pure crab cake heaven. The beautiful lemon enhanced the savoury taste of the crab cake. Perfectly scrumptious.

IMG_2889 IMG_2895

Barbecued Shrimp 190k

Large shrimp sautéed New Orleans-style in reduced white wine, butter, garlic and spices.

OMG! This is so much better than the crab cakes. #ShrimpTeam woohoo.. The shrimp was very juice and fresh. But tell you the truth, I love the sauce. Yup, the sauce was the one that stealing my heart, right after the first sip. Remember the complimentary bread? I finished it by cleaning this plate LOL.

IMG_2899 IMG_2901


Ruth’s Chop Salad 140k

A Ruth’s Chris original. Julienne iceberg lettuce, baby spinach and radicchio are tossed with red onions, mushrooms, green olives, beef bacon, eggs, hearts of palm, croutons, bleu cheese, lemon basil dressing and then topped with crispy onions.

I didn’t order this one because I didn’t really trust salad. LOL. But after tried a spoonful, I said to myself, “It’s one hell of a salad!” It was flavourful with different style of salad. Beautiful presentation, of course. When I saw the salad, I thought, “Why I order the soup? Why!!!”


Lobster Bisque 160k

Yeah, it took only a second for me to arrange the cows near the lobster bisque. Funny picture, right? LOL. Ok back to the lobster bisque. It tasted very creamy and rich. A little bit bitter, I guess. So, yeah, not really my favourite.

Bisque is a smooth, creamy, highly seasoned soup of French origin, classically based on a strained broth of crustaceans. It can be made from lobster, crab, shrimp or crayfish.



Ruth’s Chris specializes in the finest custom-aged Midwestern beef. We broil it exactly the way you like it at 1800°F (980°C) to lock in the corn-fed flavour. Then we serve your steak sizzzzzling on a 500°F (260°C) plate so that it stays hot throughout your meal.

Petite Filet 570k

A smaller, but equally tender USDA filet. 8-ounce (230 grams)

I chose Medium Rare. And yes, it was worth it!! As you can see my photos below, it’s still red. And as you read above, yes, it’s so hot!!! The meat was tender and juicy. Definitely one of the best steak I’ve ever had. Like I wrote before, they used no sauce. But it was surely delicious without any blackpepper or mushroom or barbecue sauce. When everybody ate this petite filet, there’s no other sound except “hmm” or “woooow” or “omaigattt” or just a sigh with steakgasm sound. LOL. Definitely must-try steak!

IMG_2905 IMG_2906 IMG_2911


Mashed 120k

With a hint of roasted garlic.

It was so mushy so tender so addicting.


Sautéed Mushrooms 120k

French Fried Onion Rings 120k

Fresh Asparagus with Hollandaise 140k

IMG_2909 IMG_2908


Cheesecake 150k

Creamy homemade cheesecake served with fresh berries.

Cheesecake will always be my last choice. But, when you cover it with delicious crust.. Bring it on!! Well, the cheesecake and the sour cream weren’t my favourite. So yeah I won’t judge you if you take those creamy and soft cheesecake from me, but please leave the crust alone! But it’s so true that this cheesecake was giving a new perception in my mind. And I wouldn’t be surprised if people will come back only for experiencing cheesecakegasm. Yeah, I experienced more-gasm here, since the steakgasm until the cheesecakegasm. LOL.


To be here with fellow foodies for pre-opening VIP lunch was truly a privilege for me. Thank you so much Ruth’s Chris Steak House for inviting me and giving me a chance to try your food before others do. Congratulations on the opening. Really hope for the best.

Ruth’s Chris Steak House
Somerset Grand Citra Apartment
Ground Floor
Jl. Prof. DR. Satrio Kav. 1
Kuningan, Jakarta 12940
Phone: 021-5221178

[CHINA] Day 8 – 9: Exploring Xiamen

Hari kedelapan. Gw sama nyokap udah nginep di apartemen koko Ahong. Pagi itu abis sarapan bakpao, gw belon kenyang bo, akhirnya meluncur jalan sama nyokap. Kita ngunjungin banyak tempat. Seru juga loh di Xiahe Road. Banyak tempat makan, tempat belanja, asik2 deh pokoknya.

Suasana di luar apartemen, banyak tempat nongkrong, jalanan juga lebar, hawanya adem cenderung dingin. Gw kadang pake jaket, kadang kaga pake.


Mampir deh di McDonald’s terdekat. Deket banget sih. Dari jalan keluar apt itu, belok kiri, lewatin pom bensin, sampe deh. Tempatnya bersih. Gw sama nyokap sih ke sini. Soalnya agak bingung kan ngomongnya pake bahasa apa. Gak ada yg bs inggris di sini. Capedeeeeeee..


Beli paket yg paling murah hahahaha maklum deh masi sayang2 sama duit *baru hari ke-8, ntar liat aja bbrp hr lg udah brutal hahahaha*


Di situ kita nanya apakah Robinson Galleria deket apa kaga, ternyata gak jauh, berhubung semalem gw udah liat ada Starbucks di sebrang Robinson dan di dalam Robinson, jadi gw berniat beli tumbler Xiamen deh. Ternyata beneran gak jauh, en gw lgs dengan sukacita masuk ke Starbucks. Beruntung ada 2 org yg bs bahasa inggris, cowo dan cewe, gw hepi banget. Starbucks-nya bersih banget. Toiletnya juga bersih. Jingkrak2 deh gw hahaha


En gw beli 2 tumbler deh, Xiamen dan China. Dapet free minum. Aseeeeeeeeeeeeeek.


Balik dari Starbucks, gw sempet ketemu tempat beli kaya bubble tea gitu, namanya Bingo. Beli deh gw mango ice tea. Sampe apt lgs gw tarok kulkas. Asik asik.. Malem kalo pingin minum, tinggal ambil dr kulkas deh..


Siang2nya, krn nyokap males ke luar lagi, udah mulai parah batuknya tuh, gw kabur sendirian deh. Gw baru menemukan bahwa gw bisa berkomunikasi via google translate. So, kalo mo nanya2, gw tinggal kasi tulisan di bb gw. Horeeeeeeeee.. Pertama gw keluar apt, trus nyebrang. Gw mo ke Robinson ceritanya. Sepanjang perjalanan di sebrang itu, gw ketemu ada tukang pia yg enak banget. Langsung aja gw beli 10.. *en ternyata pia itu akan jadi favorit nantinya*


Setelah belanja pia, gw masi jalan terus, sampe akhirnya ketemu juga sama Robinson Galleria itu. Masuk ke dalam, muter2, liat2, tp gak belanja apa2 sih. Udah puas sama pia belanjaan gw. Hahahaahaha.. Jadinya gw cuma window-shopping ajah


Setelah cape kelilingan, gw duduk bentar di KFC. Nyemil2 aja sih 🙂 Abis itu gw balik deh.


Malemnya kita dinner di restoran, dianter sama temen kantornya koko Ahong, krn kebetulan si koko gak bisa nganter. Nyokap sih udah blg, gak usah pesen banyak2, krn nyokap juga gak gitu enak badan. Makin parah kayanya tuh hr itu.

Sop Hisit ini enak banget. Gw makan ampir 2 mangkok, krn nyokap gak abis. Makan cuma dikit, trus lgs kasi gw. Gw sukaaaaaaa.. makanya gw terima hehehe..


Menu kompilasi berikutnya ada pare. Ah, gw suka deh pare-nya, pake pork soalnya, spt biasa nyokap gw bikin. Trus ada menu kacang2an, gw gk suka, makan udangnya aja jadinya, trus ada pork meatball lagi, kayanya itu mgkn terkenal kali ya di Xiamen. Baru kemaren makan kan, eh ada lagi, tp gw doyaaaaaaaaaaan hohoho enak bangets.. Terakhir pork lagi. Haduh, kali ini gw bener2 dimanjakan oleh pork dan enak2 banget. 😀


Balik dr resto, diajak ke METRO. Metro itu adalah tempat belanja terbesar di Xiamen, katanya. Setelah ke sana, ooooo, ternyata modelnya kaya Makro di Jakarta. Barang2nya dijual dlm bentuk grosiran gitu. 🙂


Hari kesembilan. Gw gabung aja di sini ya. Karena kegiatan gw gak gitu banyak hr itu. Gw cuma cari sarapan, trus pergi ke Walmart, yg ternyata deketan sama Starbucks *andaikan kemarennya udah tau, bs langsung ajak nyokap deh* abis itu gw ke fast food terdekat, beli paket burger en semacam kebab, en nama tempatnya gw gak tau gmn cara nulisnya. Pokoknya aneh deh namanya hahahahha liat aja tuh di foto gelasnya 😀

e78581b7-673b-4c16-8fd1-937c8b42db11wallpaper abdb9f67-e894-46b3-b1b4-bdead1f2c747wallpaper 74872803-258f-4eb4-bc6c-8d5b927a57ccwallpaper

Siangnya kita dijemput sama koko HB en tante3, langsung menuju kantornya koko HB. Letaknya di dalam semacam komplek vila2 gitu. Keren banget tempatnya.


Abis itu kita lanjut dinner di Hot Spring Bali, gak jauh dr kantornya itu. Tamannya bagus banget, en kata koko HB, biasa buat foto wedding. Emang cocok sih 🙂


Menunya kali ini ada buncis, ada kentang tipis2 dimasak pork, ada kodok, dan ada kuah2an. Yang enak cuma buncis, pork dan kodok2nya. Kuah2annya kurang suka gw. Kacang2an gitu isinya 😀


Sekian cerita hari ke-8 dan ke-9. Semoga terhibur. *halah*

to be continued..

[CHINA] Day 6 – Touchdown Xiamen

Hari keenam. Kali ini gw ke XM utk menginap. Kita dijemput koko HB (anak kedua dr tante3) dan istrinya. Gw, nyokap sama tante3 yg ngikut ke sana. Sampe di XM, kita langsung menuju restoran, en ketemu sama anaknya, sekalian dinner bareng.


Gw terkagum2 sih sama menu2nya. Cantik banget penyajiaannya. Kita makan di ruang VIP lagi. Jadi ada anak mereka dan 1 org lagi sepupunya om gw, urusin dia selama di sekolah. Jadi anaknya itu tinggal di apartemen deket sekolahan, pulang ke rmh cuma pas weekend ajah. Ok, skr kita bahas makanannya ya 🙂

Menu kompilasi pertama berisi seafood, beef and pork. Jadi seafood-ya itu semacam gurita kecil plus kerang. Entah kerang apaan. Rasanya? Ya, layaknya seafood lah. Agak aneh krn baru pertama makan model gitu. Kalo beef sama pork-nya, biasa lah. Cuma penampilannya yg spektakular, pake es bentuk2 gitu 🙂


Menu kompilasi kedua isinya beef, trus ada pork soup, sayur ijo plus kaki ayam. Enak2 sih, tp gw kurang suka kaki ayamnya. Soalnya keras dan kering. Mgkn kebiasaan makan bikinan emak gw yg berkuah dan empuk. Hmmm jd ngiler pingin kaki ayam made by mom 🙂


Abis makan2 enak, baru lanjut ke apartemen koko HB. Gilaaaaaaaa! Gw suka banget sama tempatnya. 2 lantai boooo.. Lantai bawah buat ruang keluarga, dapur, meja makan, plus 2 kamar. Lantai atas ada 3 kamar tidur. Huh, idaman gw banget deh.


Malemnya, gw mampir ke rumah om gw dr pihak bokap. Ada om gw yg emang tinggal di XM. Biasa deh, ada titipan oma gw buat anaknya, jadilah kita dianter koko HB ke sana. Tp seneng sih gw, bs liat foto2 jadul. Mayan, dpt banyak. Gw kasi preview bbrp yak 😀 Coba tebak gw ada di mana aja di 4 foto di bawah? Hahahahah


to be continued..