Izakaya Kai Pluit Jakarta

September 18th, 2016. I heard about a new place around Pluit area. And once I knew it finally opened for public, I said to myself, “I have to go there!” Then, when my friends arranged to meet up this Sunday, I had plan to insist them to go there. Around 11:30am, I went to KotaContinue reading “Izakaya Kai Pluit Jakarta”

AMKC Atelier Plaza Indonesia Thamrin Jakarta

February 29th, 2016. Actually I was planning to spend the day at home, because I was so tired after going home from Bandung. But on Sunday night, I met my bestie, Hans and he asked me to join him to a new opening place in Plaza Indonesia. So, I totally forgot about my exhaustion, andContinue reading “AMKC Atelier Plaza Indonesia Thamrin Jakarta”