[SINGAPORE] Fook Kin at Kiliney Road Orchard Singapore

September 24th, 2019. It’s my first time to accept invitation from outside Indonesia. Located in Singapore, Fook Kin, out of the blue, sent me private message through my Instagram account. They asked me if I was willing to try their food. When I saw their IG account, I was so excited. Definitely a yes! But, I told them that I live in Indonesia. Is it possible for them to wait for me to schedule my time for visiting their restaurant? And they said, “Absolutely!” Wow. What a humble gesture. And, here I am now.

Fook Kin is a collaboration between Roast Paradise, Fat Boys and The Muttons (famous Class 95 DJs Justin Ang and Vernon A). My friend told me that Roast Paradise is their hawker version, opened stalls in Old Airport Road Food Centre and Ang Mo Kio. And he said, it was super delicious. I was very curious. So, yeah, when I came to Fook Kin, I wanted to try all of their food, but I was coming alone. Cannot, right? *sigh* Well, they were very friendly. And actually it’s a nice place. A homey restaurant with nice gesture from the people.

Roasted Paradise Noodles $ 11.10

I tried their noodle instead of their rice. So the kind guy from Fook Kin chose this Roasted Paradise Noodles. And I had no regret. The slim noodle (Mee Kia) had great texture. It was slim, with soft character, and super delicious. The meats (roast duck meat, roast pork and char siew) were juicy and tender. The char siew was nicely caramelized, and the roast pork had a crispy skin. Recommended.

Fluffy Omelette $ 9.10

Love the fluffy omelette. They gave me Chai Po as the filling. It was well-seasoned. Well, for some people, maybe omelette was just a usual dish, but for me, it was one of the comfort food. So, always love omelette dishes. The omelette was definitely fluffy. Soft and tender. My favourite!

Thank you so much Fook Kin for the amazing opportunity to review your place and food. Definitely will be back to try your other dishes. Great job!

Fook Kin
111 Killiney Rd, Singapore 239553
Phone: +65 6737 3488
IG: @fook.kin

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