[HONGKONG] The Coffee Academïcs at Causeway Bay Hong Kong

September 8th, 2018. I heard that The Coffee Academïcs is number one in Hong Kong. So happy that Vivi could take me there that Saturday. We visited the flagship store.


In 2010, The Coffee Academïcs studio was founded in Causeway Bay Hong Kong; a dedicated training and ideas space for a growing community of likeminded coffee lovers. This was the birthplace of the brand today known as The Coffee Academïcs. In November 2012, The Coffee Academïcs opened its doors on 38 Yiu Wa Street, Causeway Bay with only one goal in mind – to redefine the coffee house experience in Hong Kon Founded by global entrepreneur, Jennifer Liu, who believed that the Hong Kong consumer market was ready for a specialty coffee experience that can be offered only by The Coffee Academïcs independent group of coffee houses. From sourcing globally for the best quality coffee beans, to roasting onsite to finesse the inherent character of coffee and meticulously cupping to ensure quality, every molten pearl of coffee speaks of our interpretation of the perfect brew. The Coffee Academïcs aims to continue its global expansion to create more unique coffee experiences for people all over the world.

The place was really nice. Quite dark with a great ambiance. And it’s full of people LOL. Good thing that we came in on time. There was still a good table in the middle. I loved the place and the people. Very friendly and helpfull.

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Flat White HK$ 45

Tried their flat white. Really needed good coffee on that rainy day. And I was happy that the coffee was good. The mild texture combined with light flavour, made it perfect for me.

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Piccolo Latte HK$ 36

It was Vivi’s order. I tried a bit. Quite good.


Snow White HK$ 43

It’s a small cake but tasted super delicious. I loved it so very much. Fluffy and moist texture. Not too sweet, but very very delicious. Recommended!


The Coffee Academïcs
38 Yiu Wa Street
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Phone: +852 2156 0313
IG: @thecoffeeacademics

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