[HONGKONG] Delicious Kitchen at Causeway Bay Hong Kong

September 8th, 2018. Every now and then, everybody recommended me this place. Delicious Kitchen. So, when I had time to visit Causeway Bay with my niece, we visited the place.


It’s easy to find the place, because Vivi had already came there several times. We just followed Vivi LOL. Very easy, right? Well, when we came in, I saw that the place wasn’t very spacious. Just a nice restaurant with several tables and friendly people. And I waited for them to amaze me with the food.

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Tea HK$ 2



Won Ton in Soup HK$ 53

Vivi said that her friend sometimes ordered this won ton. And I was still curious about Hongkong style Won Ton. And still didn’t like it very much. It was good, but not my favourite. I think maybe the broth. It was not so good. Too bad, the won ton was pretty decent. Tender, juicy and very soft.

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Pork Rib HK$ 53

This was their signature. And it was dabomb! A little bit sweet, but yeah, that’s fine. Tender and juicy pork rib, with no bone. Boneles pork is the best for me. LOL. Well, I think everybody was right. It was must-try food in Hong Kong. MUST-TRY!!! *dancing in the rain* Yes, it was raining at the time I was there LOL. The rice was also delicious. Buttery and super delicious.

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Tan Tan Noodles w/ Spareribs HK$ 59

This one was Vivi’s order. I think it was her first time tried this noodles. She said it was quite good but not as good as the rice dishes, I think LOL. I didn’t try since it was spicy. Actually, I didn’t really like noodle in Hong Kong. Well maybe didn’t have the right place to try it. Well maybe next time.

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Delicious Kitchen
Food Street Fashion Walk
Shop B G/F 9-11 Cleveland St
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Phone: +852 2577 8350

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