[HONGKONG] % Arabica Hong Kong at IFC Mall Central Hong Kong

September 8th, 2018. Before I went to Hong Kong, I made a must-visit coffee shops, and % Arabica was number one LOL. So when we had time that Saturday, I asked my niece to join us. Yaaay.


The place located in IFC Mall. It was quite easy to find the place. Not far from supermarket and door gate. We ordered and waited for our coffee. There were no long queue in the morning. And it was Vivi’s first time to % Arabica. And she loved it. Yaaaay.

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It was Vivi’s order and I did not try it but she said it was good.



Always love latte and I love their latte also. My first % was in Japan. So this was my second one. I will come to every % outlets in a whole universe. LOL.

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Great job % Arabica!

% Arabica Hong Kong
Shop 1050 Level 1 IFC Mall
1 Harbour View Street
Central, Hong Kong
Phone: +852 2323 5203
IG: @arabica.hk

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