[HONGKONG] Coco Espresso at Stanley Street Central Hong Kong

September 7th, 2018. We found this coffee shop on our way back to hotel. Coco Espresso. Actually I saw it near our hotel but we visited the one near our lunch place.


Coffee is a way of life and the team at COCO are passionate about the experience our patrons enjoy. We aim to give each of our customers a memorable coffee experience every time. Only the highest-quality beans available from the world‟s finest coffee growing regions are purchased.

A small coffee shop with limited seats LOL. Lucky us there was still table at the back of the place. Well, it was not easy to find spacious coffee shop in Hong Kong. But I never judged a coffee shop by their size hahaha. It looked so nice for me. That’s why I asked hubby to come with me to the coffee shop.

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Cafe Latte

I had no idea why I didn’t keep the recipe. Totally forgot the price. But the latte was okay. Quite strong for me. Not really my style.


Iced Chocolate

Love the iced chocolate. It was hubby’s order as usual hahaha. The dark chocolate with a hint of milky texture, perfect!


Coco Espresso
50 Stanley St
Central, Hong Kong
Phone: +852 2663 2884
IG: @cocoespresso