[HONG KONG] Ocean Park Hong Kong on Our 15th Anniversary

September 6th, 2018. Merayakan anniversary, kita sepakat ngerayainnya di Ocean Park Hong Kong. Yaaay. Pertama kali nih kami berdua ke Ocean Park hihi. Ternyata tempatnya segede gaban. Dan hari itu super panas. Kelar dah. Oya sangat disayangkan Cable Car lagi gak bisa dipake krn sedang maintenance. Beberapa atraksi juga lg maintenance. Sayang bangetttt.

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Gw gak mo berpanjang2 tentang Ocean Park Hong Kong. Lelah ceritanya saking gedenya itu tempat. LOL. Jadi gw hanya share foto2 aja ya. Sebagian area ada yg gak ada fotonya, harap maklum ya. Semoga berkenan.


10 places: 9 attractions, 1 food kiosk.

Kami gak sempat mampir ke area yg ini. Jadi boro2 naek atraksinya hahaha..


10 places: 8 attractions, 1 food kiosk and 1 restaurant.

B3. Gator Marsh

At the Gator Marsh, visitors get to see and learn about the critically endangered Chinese alligator. While this precious species has developed a mythical status among the locals living alongside the Yangtze River, habitat loss and illegal hunting for medicinal use both threaten the alligators’ survival. Discover how these ‘earth dragons’, who can survive up to 50 years in the wild, need a helping hand in keeping their world and future generations safe!


B4. Giant Panda Adventure

Alongside Ying Ying and Le Le, Ocean Park’s inimitable giant pandas, are some of their equally amazing neighbours from the temperate forests of Mainland China. Smaller but just as cuddly, red pandas also reside here as ambassadors for their increasingly threatened habitat, along with Chinese giant salamander, the largest amphibian in the world. Together, they offer a vital lesson not just about their protection, but also the value of all the flora and fauna in their fragile ecosystem.

Gemas banget liat Pandanya lagi makan bamboo. Huhuhu. Pengen dibawa pulang!!

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B5. Panda Village

At this idyllic setting, some of the region’s most impressive and rare birdlife cheerfully flit between the branches and clever little otters frolic merrily in the water. Catch adorable demonstrations of Asia’s smallest otters showing off their hunting prowess!

Ini juga gemas liat Pandanya. Gatau kenapa selalu gemas. Pengen peluk.


B6. Goldfish Treasures

View hundreds of sparkling goldfish here at ‘Goldfish Treasures’! See the ancestors of these beloved domestic fish, and learn about the importance of the goldfish to the Chinese culture through educational artifacts. Most of all, listen to the messages of the goldfish for peace and continued prosperity — how humans and wildlife can co-exist harmoniously together on earth.

Pas masuk ke sini baru ngeh kalo goldfish itu ternyata banyak tipe ya. Unik2 pula bentuknya. Sayang banget gak sempet foto yg bagus hehehe.


18 places: 13 attractions, 1 food kiosk, 2 restaurants and 2 shops.

C5. Grand Aquarium

The Grand Aquarium brings you and your family on a multisensory journey from the shore to the darkest depths of the ocean. You will have the exciting opportunity to explore the myriad forms of life that call the sea home, from a pool filled with sea cucumbers and starfish, to the spectacular Reef Tunnel, where you can view the profoundly beautiful ecosystem surrounding coral reefs. Expansive windows under the water like the 5.5m aquarium dome and an awe-inspiring 13m wide acrylic viewing panel takes you closer to an eye-opening collection of 5,000 fish from over 400 species!

Ini tempat pertama yang kita datengin. Bagus bangetttt. Gila! Aquarium terbesar yang pernah gw liat so far. Sebetulnya gw kurang suka liat2 aquarium. Tapi krn di sana panas banget, jadi kita nyari tempat yang adem hahaha. Dan pas liat ikan2nya sih keren2 banget yak. Bahkan ada hiu. OMG!

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6 places: 4 attractions, 1 restaurant and 1 shop.

D1. Arctic Blast

Ride into Ocean Park’s snowscape-themed wonderland on a sleigh with the whole family! Your unique roller coaster experience includes plenty of photo opportunities against the breathtaking Polar backdrop.

Wah ini pertama kalinya naek roller coaster lagi setelah bertahun2 sejak menikah hahaha. Kami berdua sangat takut naek roller coaster, apalagi yg tebolak-balik. Berhubung ini cuma kereta cepat saja, gw berhasil membujuk hubby naek hahaha. Dan, seru bangetttttt. Tereak gak brenti2. Had so much fun!

D2. South Pole Spectacular

The Earth’s southernmost tip is home to one of its most beloved animals – talkative and communal penguins! Over 90 penguins from three species inhabit the South Pole Spectacular, including king penguins, the world’s second largest penguin, dramatic southern rockhopper penguins, one of the world’s tiniest penguins and white-bonneted, gentoo penguins, which sport unusual coloured eye markings. See these fascinating birds from stunning angles above and underwater like never before.

Remarks: To keep our polar animals comfortable, the Polar Adventure will be kept at relatively low temperatures throughout the year (South Pole Spectacular at 8-10°C, North Pole Encounter at 15-17°C).

Aduh pinguinnya lucu2 deh. Harus banget kalo ke Ocean Park liatin mereka deh. Gemes liat jalannya. Hihihi.

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D3. Arctic Fox Den

Learn the secrets of this elusive tundra predator in surviving one of the most unforgiving environments on earth! Discover how their short limbs and long, bushy tails help adapt them to the extreme cold, as well as see how their fur changes colour from dark brown in the summer to white in the winter. The exhibit highlights the impact of humans on their habitat while covering key behaviours of this species.

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D4. North Pole Spectacular

At 3.6m long and weighing over a tonne, the exhibit’s two pacific walruses are as big in personality as they are in size. This area evokes the sounds, smells and sights of walruses and silvery spotted seals’ northerly habitat. Guests will be able to view them from above as well as below the ice.

Remarks: To keep our polar animals comfortable, the Polar Adventure will be kept at relatively low temperatures throughout the year (South Pole Spectacular at 8-10°C, North Pole Encounter at 15-17°C).

Kalo di sini kita liatnya walruses dan seals. Gila, walrusnya ada yg gede banget. Berenang2 gitu. Keren bangetttt.



6 places: 5 attractions, 1 shop.

E5. The Rapids

As you strap yourself into your raft, you can feel the eyes hidden in the undergrowth staring back. Deep within the jungle, your wet adventure takes you through darkened zones, patches of blinding sun and undulating terrain. There might even be sudden water gun attacks from overhanging suspension bridges, so look up as you pass!

Ini lucu nih. Awalnya hubby gak mau naek ini. Dia ngeri kalo ini model kereta2an yang jatuh dari atas ke bawah gitu. Trauma gitu deh doi. Nah untung banget pas lewatin area-nya lagi, trus liat ada org yg lg naek. Baru ngeh dia kalo ini model arung jeram gitu. Akhirnya naek deh. Trus girang. Hahaha. Karena pas banget panas2 trus kena siram2 air asik deh hihihi..


5 places: 4 attractions, 1 food kiosk.

F3. Rev Booster

Young adults (and older ones too!) can’t stop whirling at this candy-coloured ride with an unmistakable circus feel. The Rev Booster features three sensational levels of orbital motion while rocking to and fro to a lively beat. It might be impossible to tap your feet and sway up and down at the same time – but this is a ride that’ll surely make you try!

Nah kalo ini kocak juga ceritanya. Gw kirain ini macam piring terbang gitu. Jadi cuma terombang ambing aja. Begitu antri, trus nyesel. Ternyata diputar2 secepat kilat. Begitu naek, hubby di pinggir, gw di dalam. Pas muter, ketimpa lah doi. Dan sepanjang muter gw cuma tereak: “MAAF YA! MAAF YA!” Abis kasian doi ketindihan berat gw hahaha..

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K5. Clown Corner

Stop by the largest food kiosk at the Park and enjoy an air-conditioned meal indoors or al fresco dining surrounded by Thrill Mountain’s iconic rides. *Vegetarian and Indian food available.

Lunch di sini nih. Mesen lasagna doank. Ya ampun 1 porsi segede bagong. Dimakan berduaan aja kenyang banget hahaha. Oya, harus diinget2 deh, seporsi makanan di HK itu emang banyak banget. Jadi hati2 kalo mesen makanan, takutnya kebanyakan. Gw aja berasa kebanyakan, apalagi kaliaaaan.. hihihi..

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3 places: 3 attractions.


22 places: 16 attractions, 3 food kiosks and 3 restaurants.

H6. Ocean Theatre

In a joyous adventure that underscores the urgent need to protect our oceans and its denizens, a brave adventurer discovers the majesty of the sea. Visitors will share his wonder as they meet these animals up-close and discover for themselves the true treasures of the sea! “Ocean Wonders” splashes into the hearts of young and old at Ocean Theatre daily.

Udah lama gw gak nonton theatre kaya gini. Dan pas gw share di IG story, ada temen yang info kalo dia udah gak pernah nonton kaya gini lagi, karena kasian sama binatang2nya, dikomersilkan. Iya sih, gw juga sempet mikir kasian amat ya mereka gak di laut lepas gitu. Yah, semoga mereka dijaga baik2 deh di sana.

K6. Golden Fried Chicken

Fried chicken is a perennial family favourite. You can’t go wrong with our juicy and crunchy Golden Fried combo, or get a whole basket of chicken wings and onion rings to share!

Enak nih. Akhirnya nyobain juga makanan gini di sana hahaha.


Happy 15th Anniversary hubby tersayang. Cannot wait to celebrate more and more and more anniversaries with you.


Ocean Park Hong Kong
180 Wong Chuk Hang Road
Aberdeen, Hong Kong
Phone: +852 3923 2323
IG: @hkoceanpark

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