Kokonut & Curtains by Wakimukudō at Gatot Subroto Senayan Jakarta

October 16th, 2018. Kokonut & Curtains contacted me last month to come to their place. I was super happy. Actually it’s been a long time for me since the last time I visited Komplek Taman Ria Senayan. Itu kayanya jaman dulu banget deh ke sana, waktu gw masi kecil. Super long time ago LOL. Anyway, we made an appointment and.. voila, today is the day.


When I came inside, I was stunned by the place. White curtains made a gorgeous facade and beautiful path. A gentle breeze blew the white curtains, like in a dream, creating a serene ambiance. Bikin betah banget deh duduk di sana. Saking cantiknya, bisa buat engagement party atau wedding yang simple2. Super beautiful. Gw gak usah berpanjang2, just enjoy my photos below.

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Flu Shot, Booster 25k

Lemon, Ginger, Cayenne

They said this is very good whenever you weren’t feel good. Hope it will make my cough go away LOL.


Mango Yogurt Splash, Nerdy Me 40k

Yogurt, Honey, Fresh Mango, Ice

OMG. This one was definitely my favourite drink. Mangganya berasa banget. They used fresh mango! Cool. Bukan cuma essence doank. Pasti bakal order ini lagi, dan langsung diminum, gak kelamaan difoto hahaha..


Lychee Milk Puncher, Dang 40k

Lychee, Condensed Milk, Honey, Yogurt

This is Cindy’s order. Sweet and milky. Just like the name. Lychee and Milk. Love it also.


Oxtail Soup, lets be together 160k

Oxtail, garlic, red onions, tomato

Definitely one of the best oxtail soup. The beef was tender and juicy. It’s very easy to separate the meat from the bone. Super easy. Gak usah pake berantem dulu pokoknya. Empuk banget deh. No need super power to eat this one. Delicious broth also. Dimakan panas2 lebih enak. Served with skin crackers. Gw en Cindy sama2 gak doyan hahaha jadi dianggurin dah kerupuk kulitnya.

60EEB3EE-2106-45C2-A2E0-8BCB73E0463C DD399EE3-AFCE-4A48-BB4C-27DBE69C142E

Sweet Sour Dory, don’t you know you’re my forever 120k

Dory Fish, Egg, Chilies, Tomato

Awalnya agak ngeri kalo pedes ya. But they said it’s not that spicy. So, I gave it a try. And it was really good. More like a sweet and sour, than spicy. I think they put chilies only for prettier presentation. Tender fish with rich flavour. Recommended also!


Congratulations Kokonut and Curtains for the opening. Thank you so much for the delicious lunch and lovely company. Hope to see you again super soon!

Kokonut & Curtains
by Wakimukudō
Komplek Taman Ria Senayan
Jl. Gatot Subroto
Senayan, Jakarta
Phone: +62 21 5708908
IG: @kokonutcurtains