[EVENT] Lyon Saturday Brunch at Mandarin Oriental Thamrin Jakarta

September 22nd, 2018. Senang banget pas dapat undangan Saturday Brunch di Lyon Mandarin Oriental Jakarta. Gw juga bole ngajak siapa aja yaaaay #trusajaksekampung hahaha. Anyway, gw tawarin ke Aline, Cindy dan Fiona apakah mau ikutan, dan ternyata Aline dan Fiona bisa ikut. Sayang banget Cindy ada acara lain, jadinya gak bisa ikutan makan enak deh. LOL.


There is no better place to enjoy authentic French delicacies than at Jakarta’s award-winning Lyon restaurant. Conveniently located in the heart of the city, Lyon offers Saturday Brunch to its discerning guests. With a semi-buffet concept, guests are welcomed to enjoy as many dishes as they like from the a la carte menu in addition to the buffet offerings. Each dish from the a la carte menu is made to orders and served from the kitchen to ensure freshness. The brunch also focuses on the quality of the food, using fresh and imported ingredients that allow guests to experience an abundance of tantalizing flavors and the excellence of French gastronomy in the heart of Jakarta.

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Specially crafted by Chef de Cuisine Edi Tan and his talented culinary team, highlights from the popular brunch include 48-Hours Braised Short Ribs, Pan Seared Foie Gras, and Grilled Lamb Rack. A wide selection of cold cuts, house made pates, assorted French cheeses are served with an amazing display of freshly baked breads, chutney and pickles. Guests can also enjoy various French classic desserts and selected international desserts. Delivering the best of French cuisine in a relaxed yet sophisticated environment, Lyon has two elegant and unique private dining rooms, which can accommodate up to 15 guests, offering intimate venues for special occasions or friends and family gathering.

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Selain buffet di tengah area, mereka menyediakan buffet di ruangan sebelah dalam khusus untuk desserts dan cheese. OMG! Rasanya gak pengen keluar dari ruangan itu hahahaha.

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Selain buffet ada juga menu ala carte yang bisa dipesan dan all you can eat juga. Ada beberapa menu, gw post fotonya di bawah ini.



Semua yang kami makan, gak ada yg failed. Semua enak. Apalagi dessert2nya. Astaga, seperti gw bilang, gak mau keluar dari ruangan itu. Menu2 alacarte juga enak2, favorit gw sih foie gras, udah pasti hehehe. Lyon keluarin 2 menu andalan mereka juga, dan dua2nya merebut hati kami semua. Dabest. Super recommended deh.

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Lyon Saturday Brunch is priced starting from 490k++ per person. Thank you Lyon for the wonderful brunch. Kami semua pulang dengan perut kenyang dan hati bahagia.

Mandarin Oriental
Jl. M.H. Thamrin
Phone: +62 21 29938824
IG: @lyonjakarta

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