[HONGKONG] Kam Wah Cafe & Bakery at Prince Edward & Australia Dairy Company at Jordan, Hong Kong

September 2nd, 2018. After having a good nite sleep last night, we were ready to go to places for exploring the goodness of Hong Kong. Ready? Go!


First place was Kam Wah Cafe & Bakery. I heard that it’s the best place to eat pineapple bolo bun. Yaaay. We walked from our hotel, around 1km, and the weather was quite good. Not too hot. It was raining in the morning, but it stopped. A little bit lost at first, but finally found the place.


I saw that there’s no English menu. LOL. I showed my hubby my panic face, when the lady asked me something with Cantonese language hahaha. Then I saw a photo of the pineapple bun at some banner there. I pointed at the photo, “Pineapple Bun, auntie.” She smiled and gave me the famous pineapple bun.

Pineapple Bun HK$ 10

Funny thing, there’s no pineapple in the pineapple bun hahaha. They called it Pineapple because the texture of the outer layer resembles the texture of the fruit. Well, when we tried it, for us, it’s just okay. The butter was the one that amazed us. Melt in your mouth. The bun was too dense, a little bit hard to chew. We prefer the moist and fluffier one. Maybe we should ask for the warmer bun. Well, next time lah, when we go back to Kam Wah again. Hope so!

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Kam Wah Cafe & Bakery
47 Bute St
Prince Edward, Hong Kong
Phone: +852 2392 6830


After a famous bun, we walked and ate noodles, and walked and looked around in Ladies’ Market, then found ourselves in front of Australia Dairy Company. Yaaaaay. Finally. I heard it’s the best place to eat breakfast. And it was queuing quite long. And it was raining. Completed my tiring day. LOL.


Australia Dairy Company is a traditional Hong Kong restaurant, cha chaan teng, in Jordan, Hong Kong, specializing in steamed milk pudding, scrambled eggs, toast and custard dishes. The company was named by the founder, who had worked in an Australian farm in the 1940s.

Lucky us, they had seats for 2 pax, so we got in first than the others in front of us. We shared a table with the other 2 pax. So, it’s round table with 2 numbers. Table number 1 for 2 pax, and table number 2 for 2 pax. A small round table for the 4 of us. LOL. Sharing is caring, right? Another funny thing, when we saw the menu that was attached on the table, there was no English menu. And all the people were too busy to be asked, I guess. So what do you think I did to order the food and drinks? Yes, I opened my Instagram, searched for #australiadairycompany, screenshot the photos and showed them to the nice guy. LOL.

Ice Milk Tea HK Style HK$ 22

It was actually good but I’m not a fan of milk tea. So I let hubby finished it. Thank you honey LOL.

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Cold Steamed Milk Pudding HK$ 30

Almond Flavour and Egg Custard Flavour

I wanted to try both flavours so yeah ordered those two. But turned out we were not fans of those famous milky puddings LOL. Well we had to finish them, right? So I finished the almond one and hubby finished the egg custard one. We were too full to order another dish because of those puddings. Hahahaha.

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Scrambled Eggs with Toast HK$ 18

We loved the scrambled eggs. Creamy, moist, fluffy, you named it. How to eat them?  You can combine the egg and toast whichever you like. Eat them separately or put the egg in between the toast or just eat the toast and let me finish the egg LOL. Superb! Recommended! No wonder the queue was quite long.

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Australia Dairy Company
47 Parkes St
Jordan, Hong Kong
Phone: +852 2730 1356

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