[SINGAPORE] Haritts Donuts & Coffee at Havelock Rd Singapore

July 20th, 2018. On our way back to hotel, I asked hubby to keep me company to Haritts Donut & Coffee. It’s very near our previous cafe. So, we walked and tried to find the place hahaha. We were kinda lost for some times hahaha. But, finally found it.


It’s not a big place. Just a small area with outdoor seats. Only several tables. I love the place. They served donut and coffee. “Established in 2004, Haritts Donuts and Coffee is dedicated to serving our customers quality handmade donuts and specialty coffee.” Actually it was from Japan. I didn’t try it when in Japan, so when I came to Singapore and found out that it opened near Clarke Quay area a month before, I must go there!

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Flat White $ 4.50

I chose the hot one, and it’s really hot. LOL. So I took photos and brought it to my hotel. Too hot for a hot day. But it’s a good flat white. Really.


Chocolate Donut

dark-choco, 64%, is wrapped by cacao-mixed dough.

Wow. It was really good. The fluffy dough and delicious chocolate. What a perfect chocolate donut for me. Definitely one of the best donuts I’ve ever had.


When in Singapore, don’t forget to visit Haritts!


Thank you for the delicious donut and coffee.

Haritts Donuts & Coffee (Singapore)
2 Havelock Rd #01-08
Singapore 059763
Phone: ‭+65 9022 9112‬
IG: @haritts_singapore

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