[SINGAPORE] Central Perk Cafe at Central Mall Singapore

July 20th, 2018. Since Central Perk Cafe opened in Singapore a couple years ago, I was very curious. But I didn’t have time to visit the place on my previous trip to Singapore. This time, I had to go there. LOL.


If you are familiar with the popular TV sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S, you must know that there’s coffee shop called Central Perk in which the show’s characters were often seen hanging together. Yup, this cafe opened based on the coffee shop. It’s not identic with the coffee shop in the TV sitcom, but some corners are similar. And they played the sitcom on TV, also. So we can sit there while watching.

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Ross Geller $ 10.00

The One with Marcel’s Favourite: Dark Chocolate, Oreo, Fresh Bananas, Chocolate Ice Cream

Sorry, but I didn’t like it at all. OMG. When I sipped it, it gave me a weird taste. I let hubby finished it. Sorry.


Ice Lychee Tea $ 7.00

I replaced my hubby’s order for me. LOL. Yup, the ice lychee tea was safe. Just good enough for me.


Central Perk Cafe
1 Magazine Road
Central Mall #01-01
Singapore 059567
Phone: +65 9025 2524
IG: @centralperksg

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