[SINGAPORE] HVALA at CHIJMES Victoria St Singapore

July 20th, 2018. Opened since June 2018, HVALA landed in CHIJMES as a new addition in the colonial-styled building. I think it’s their second outlet in Singapore.


A modern teahouse focusing on the depth and breadth of Japanese teas. Curated and delicately brewed for the best flavour. From the hands of the farmers to your teacup, from one tea lover to another.

When I came in, I was happy to see the minimalist and zen looking with wooden furnishing place. The ambiance was so calm and serene. Not too many seats with a long table in the middle, just facing the tea bar counter. And there were corner areas, which I chose to enjoy my drink at the time.

Every cup of tea embodies a heritage borne of culture, hard work and endurance. Just as the tea plant itself has to stay resilient through the changing seasons, so does the farmers’ dedication through their toil. At HVALA, we believe in fostering relationships with our partners and producers, to understand the intricacies of the very tea we drink and experience the numerous processes involved in producing them. This encompasses visits to the fields where our teas are sourced from, as well as direct interaction with the farmers and surrounding communities. It is imperative that we work with trusted producers who are equally committed in bringing excellent tea to those who enjoy it.

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Iced Matcha Hojicha Latte $ 5.80

Since hubby doesn’t really like matcha drinks, I only ordered one drink. Love the presentation! So sophisticated for a tea latte, right? LOL. Well, stir well and you will get a perfect flavour, balanced between the matcha, the hojicha and the latte. A little bit bitter, not too sweet, a creamy hint. Perfect for your hot days.


Congratulations HVALA! Keep up the good work.

After all, this is from one tea lover to another.

30 Victoria St
Singapore 187996
IG: @hvala_sg

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