[SINGAPORE] Kumoya X Mr Men & Little Miss

July 19th, 2018. Actually, I wanted to visit another place before Kumoya Singapore, but we got lost LOL. So yeah we visited this one instead the other place.


Kumoya is a cafe that specialize in welcoming different characters to come for a visit, and now it’s time to welcome Mr Men and Little Miss. It was soooooo cute. Well I’m not a fan of Mr Men and Little Miss but I always loved cartoon characters. So I was very happy to go to a place like this. Too bad I ran out of my camera battery and I forgot to bring the spares. Aaaaaargh! So yeah sorry for posting only few photos. But you can see them until September 2018. Hurry up before they change again with other characters.

IMG_8680 IMG_8681 IMG_8682 IMG_8685 IMG_8686

Butterfly Pea Flower Orange Passion Fruit Juice $ 10.90

Feel the passion with this refreshing drink made with butterfly pea-flower tea, orange and passionfruit juice.

What a beautiful drink. I love the colour. Yellow and purple, perfect colours for my drink. LOL. Sweet, very refreshing. And it tasted so wonderful. Like a kiss. *ulala* Super recommended.


Chicken Corn Sticks with Nacho Cheese $ 12.90

Succulent, sweet, sedap. Our specially-prepared chicken corn sticks make the perfect snack when you dip it with nacho cheese!

We weren’t hungry. So we decided to order this chicken corn sticks. Served with nacho cheese. Just dip it and you will taste an amazing flavour. Generous cheese. And the texture of the chicken corn sticks were very tender. A very nice snacks to accompany your chit-chat moments.


Great job Kumoya. Cannot wait for another characters to come.

Kumoya Singapore X Mr Men & Little Miss
8 Jalan Klapa
Singapore 199320
IG: @kumoya_singapore

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