[SINGAPORE] Toby’s Estate at Rodyk St. Singapore

July 19th, 2018. After one coffee shop, we went to another. We visited Toby’s Estate. Yaaay. In Jakarta we’ve already had several outlets of Toby’s Estate, but I’ve never been to Toby’s Estate in Singapore. So, yeah, on this trip, I put Toby’s Estate on my coffee shop list.


A little bit hard to find the place when you didn’t know the area. We walked from the previous area to Toby’s. The maps gave me a bit hard time first, but then we finally found the place.. *sigh* They have outdoor area and indoor area. We came inside and found a comfortable place to sit. Very very comfortable. I love the place.

IMG_8619 IMG_8620 IMG_8622 IMG_8629 IMG_8627 IMG_8633 IMG_8628 IMG_8623 IMG_8624 IMG_8625

Latte $ 4.70

Perfect latte after walking quite far. Not too milky texture with delicious flavour and beautiful presentation. I once tried to make a latte art, and I found it quite difficult. Not easy LOL.


Mac & Cheese 2.0 $ 16.50

macaroni with diced mushrooms and chicken sausages, topped with parmesan cheese

It was lunch time, but we didn’t wanna eat big, so we ordered this Mac & Cheese. Turned out, it was super big LOL. But we just need to order 1 meal for the two of us. Nice, right? It was really good. Super recommended. Generous mushrooms, chicken sausages and parmesan cheese. We love it.

IMG_8634 IMG_8638

Thank you Toby’s Estate for the delicious coffee and food.

Toby’s Estate
8 Rodyk St
Singapura 238216
Phone: +65 6636 7629
IG: @tobysestatesg

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