[JAPAN] LiLo Coffee Roasters at Chuo Osaka Japan

April 4th, 2018. We visited LiLo Coffee Roasters. I saw that it’s the #1 coffee shop in Osaka. So I put it on my list. When we arrived, it was very crowded, we didn’t find any seats. Located not far from our first coffee shop in Osaka, we were very happy.


LiLo Coffee Roasters is small but nicely decorated. There is seating outside for 6 people, and inside also for 6 people. We can call it a hidden gem. But I think everybody loves to go there. It’s always crowded. Beautiful baristas took my order. Then, after paying for my order, I waited for them to call me.

IMG_4834 IMG_4835 IMG_4820 IMG_4821 IMG_4822 IMG_4823 IMG_4833 IMG_4825 IMG_4826 IMG_4827 IMG_4828 IMG_4829 IMG_4830 IMG_4831 IMG_4832 IMG_4824

Choco Milk ¥450

I ordered this choco milk for my hubby. He never liked coffee. That’s why I ordered this one. It was delicious! And I was happy that my hubby was happy too. LOL. The choco milk was definitely our favourite. And when I go back to Osaka, I will go there again, trying their coffee for sure.

IMG_4838 IMG_4839

Thanks LiLo for the super delicious drink and such a great hospitality.

LiLo Coffee Roasters
Shinsaibashi M Building
1 Chome−1−10-28 Nishishinsaibashi
Chuo, Osaka 542-0086
Phone: +81 6-6227-8666
IG: @lilocoffee

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