Poke Me at Lotte Shopping Avenue Ciputra World Kuningan Jakarta

March 13th, 2018. Opened since February 19th, 2018. I went to Poke Me with Aline and Icha after almost a month opened. Before that, I saw it but since I was busy, I just looked at it and went away. So when Aline asked to keep her company visit the place, I said, “Yes!”


Located near Ranch Market, it’s like a hidden gem there. The place was comfortable, with several tables. I love the place because it had electric plug at the back seat. Woohoo. After Aline and Icha finished eating, I moved to back seat hahaha.. Anyway, you can create your own bowl or choosing their creations. Anything you like. Pssst, the Matcha drink is free refill. *big grin*

IMG_2817 IMG_2812 IMG_2814 IMG_2815 IMG_2816 IMG_2818 IMG_2813 IMG_2819 IMG_2729

Hula Hula Salmon Medium 63k + additional salad 8k

Ginger soy fish, spring onions, pineapple, cucumber, edamame, cherry tomatotes, crispy wontons, green onions, sesame seeds

It’s Icha’s order. I didn’t try her order. But after that I ordered the same Hula Hula with Tuna, and it was delicious. Superb. Well-seasoned. Fresh ingredients. But, I ordered mixed rice, instead of salad. So, no additional cost. Super recommended!


Heatwave Tuna Medium 51k + additional salad 8k

Spicy mayo fish, Japanese cucumber, edamame, carrots, green onions, corn, crispy wontons, sesame seeds

It was Aline’s order. I also loved it, since it was very fresh. The crispy wontons were addicting. LOL. Always love corn in salad. So yeah, it was also recommended. But I prefer the non-spicy one. Definitely.


Congratulations Poke Me for the opening. Sorry for late post.

Poke Me
Lotte Shopping Avenue LG-55
Ciputra World
Jl. Prof Dr Satrio
Karet, Jakarta
Phone: +62 21 29889145
IG: @pokeme.id