[JAPAN] Nakau Daigo Store at Yamashina-ku Kyoto Japan

April 2nd, 2018. What a happy face when I saw that there was a-24-hours-restaurant near our Kyoto airbnb. Woohoo. Trust me. If you spot the red Nakau sign near your hotel or airbnb, consider yourself lucky. Why? Because it means, you can affordably enjoy delicious everyday Japanese meals with premium ingredients.


The place is quite spacious. A comfortable area to have breakfast, lunch or dinner. We have to order first in the machine, then give the ticket to the server there. And wait for them to serve the food. As usual, the ocha is free refill. Yaaaaay..

IMG_4546 IMG_4545 IMG_4547 IMG_4548 IMG_4549 IMG_4550

Japanese Set Meal (Pork in Ginger) ¥690

Generous portion of the pork and the rice. Tasted very delicious with great texture of the pork meat.

IMG_4551 IMG_4554

Japanese Set Meal (Pork Cutlet on Scrambled Egg) ¥690

Love the pork cutlet. Juicy and tender. Creamy texture from the scrambled egg. Definitely recommended!

IMG_4552 IMG_4555

The day after, for breakfast, we came back to Nakau and found that they offered a different kind of breakfast menu. It was a small portion of set menu. Of course, we weren’t full at all hahahaha.. But after that we can buy some more food. So, we finished the food very fast, and moved to another destination, to find more food hahaha..

Breakfast Set with Sunny-Side-Up Egg and Small Beef Plate with Miso Soup ¥390

It was cheaper but the portion was also smaller. The beef plate was literally small. So if you wanted to eat big breakfast, you should order another set.

IMG_4557 IMG_4560

Breakfast Set with Salmon Plate with Pork Miso Soup ¥470

Love the salmon and the pork miso soup. Yup, since hubby ordered only miso soup, for this set, I ordered the pork miso soup. Much better than the miso soup only. More flavour and they gave generous pork in the soup.

IMG_4556 IMG_4558 IMG_4559

On our last day in Kyoto, we ate one more time at Nakau for lunch before headed to Osaka.

Chicken & Egg Rice Bowl ¥350

I ordered the small bowl. And again, it was literally small hahaha.. But, the chicken was delicious. Well-seasoned and tender. Quite generous too.


Japanese-style Beef Bowl ¥380

My hubby ordered this one and he said the beef was not as generous as he thought hahaha.. Poor hubby. But I gave him my chicken meat, so it made him happy. LOL. The portion of the rice was satisfying. So, it made us very happy.


Thank you Nakau for those delicious food. Definitely will be back when we visit Japan again!

Nakau Daigo Store
21-1 Ononishiura, Yamashina-ku
Kyōto-shi, Kyōto-fu 607-8258
Phone: +81 3-6833-8824

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