[JAPAN] CAFÉ KITSUNÉ at Minamiaoyama Omotesando Tokyo Japan

April 1st, 2018. My third coffee shop in Japan. Café Kitsuné has indoor and outdoor seats, with Japanese ambiances such as fusuma sliding doors and tatami. Love the iconic photo spot at the outdoor area, with bamboo poles forming a backdrop and the “Café Kitsuné” sign. Too bad, when I came, there were people sitting there, so couldn’t take a proper photo.


At the heart of Tokyo’s Minato-ku district and next to Maison Kitsuné Boutique, the Café Kitsuné is known as being an oasis of rest and peace where you can refresh yourself during the hot summer season. With a modern counter and a whole new space, the Café Kitsuné has become an exclusive drinking and eating place with a fantastic new drinks menu full of latest treats you can try now!

Love the place, love the ambiance. But, we had a little bad experience there. Lucky her, we were in a good mood. So we left there as fast as we could, didn’t wanna make any scene. Too bad actually, because we loved the place. And the cute barista who made my drink hahaha..

IMG_4350 IMG_4352 IMG_3974 IMG_4357 IMG_4356 IMG_4354 IMG_4355 IMG_4358 IMG_4359

自家製レモネード Homemade Lemonade ¥550

I ordered this drink because it looked so beautiful. It was lemonade but the pinkish colour made it looked cheerful. 🙂 Love it so much, I didn’t wanna drink it at first. Too pretty. Too cute. But, I had to drink it, right? It was a very nice lemonade drink. I think one of the best. It was sour but sweet at the same time. Next time I will order their matcha latte. Some said it’s also good.

IMG_4361 IMG_4360

Wait for me next time Café Kitsuné.

3 Chome-17-1 Minamiaoyama
Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062
Phone: +81 3-5786-4842
IG: @cafekitsune

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