Takumi Robata & Sushi at Senayan National Golf Club Senayan Jakarta

March 5th, 2018. When Takumi Robata & Sushi approached me, I was very happy to visit the place. Actually, I never heard about this Japanese restaurant. Maybe because it was located in Senayan National Golf Club. Well, I never really paid attention to the place. Maybe because I never liked golf. LOL.


Spacious place with several VIP rooms, Takumi stole my heart with their atmosphere. It was literally lunch with a view. It’s the benefit of the restaurant, for sure. The people are very friendly. I also met the man behind the gun. Chef Kudo Masakazu, Executive Chef Takumi Robata & Sushi. A very humble Chef with magic hands. Well, at first, I felt a little bit intimidating with the ambiance. But after I met the people, I really loved the place. Comfortable and welcoming. The wooden furnitures combined perfectly with greenery view outside, by looking at the glass windows all around the place.

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Tokujyo Nigirisushi 485k

A Selections of Sliced Fresh Raw Fish on a Small Vinegar Rice Ball

Fresh sushi rolls with delicious taste. I was very happy because I will go to Japan end of March. And the chef told me that he only used premium ingredients. And when I finally tried the real sushi in Japan, I can say that they’re really using premium ingredients from Japan. Recommended!

IMG_2546 IMG_2543 IMG_2542 IMG_2547 IMG_2548

Chicken Nanban 95k

Chicken Fried with Tartar Sauce

What a delicious dish. The chicken was tender and well-seasoned.


Wagyu Hobayaki 210k

Grilled Wagyu with Teriyaki Sauce with sweet miso

They grilled the wagyu in front of me. It was a very delicious experience. Love the tender meat and flavourful teriyaki sauce. Such a perfect combination. And it won’t hurt if you ask for a warm white rice hahaha.. Nice addition, for sure. Recommended dish!

IMG_2540 IMG_2539 IMG_2550 IMG_2549 IMG_2553 IMG_2556

Thank you Takumi and Chef Kudo for those delicious food. Cannot wait to be back there again.

Takumi Robata & Sushi
Senayan National Golf Club
JL. Asia Afrika Pintu IX
Senayan, Jakarta
Phone: +62 21 5710181
IG: @senayannational

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