[JAPAN] Blue Bottle Coffee at Minamiaoyama Omotesando Tokyo Japan

April 1st, 2018. As I walked past the coffee shop, I saw the name. Blue Bottle Coffee. Ah, nice one. Just climbing the stairs. It goes straight up to the coffee shop. And when you open the door, you will find a really nice place. Very spacious and comfortable. But, since there were too many people, it was not easy to find a table. I screened the area, and saw that some people left. I immediately told my hubby to invade the place. LOL.


Located in Minami Aoyama, it is situated in a tucked-away alley, up a small flight of stairs—a welcoming respite for the high-fashion clientele visiting the boutiques in what some call Tokyo’s Champs-Élysées. In Aoyama’s sunny and expansive 2,000 square feet, we serve all of our regular treats—single origins and blends as drip coffee, iced coffee, and espresso, plus pastries and savories—along with delicious beignets served with caramel sauce. And yes, they are best enjoyed on our terrace—ideally, with an eye on Aoyama’s stylish, bustling crowds below.

What a busy place. But I love the interior. It was like a lab, with a friendly look. Bright, high ceiling, outdoor area, with a quick-response baristas. And they were all friendly. No grumpy face. Just smile and smile. I think that’s why everybody loves being there.

IMG_4327 IMG_4328 IMG_4330 IMG_4332 IMG_4336 IMG_3969 IMG_3970 IMG_4331 IMG_4333 IMG_4337 IMG_4338

Latte (Iced) ¥520

I was not sure what to order. So I just looked at the menu and had some thinking. The barista was very patient. LOL. Then, I chose iced latte. He asked for my name, and I waited for them to call me. Well, when I picked it on the pick up corner, I tried a sip right away. Hmmm, no wonder everybody talked about this coffee. It was as good as they said. Such a smooth texture, very light. Sweet from the milk. And definitely a keeper.

IMG_4339 IMG_4340 IMG_4341

グリーンティーレモン – パウンドケーキ Green Tea Lemon Pound Cake ¥400

I was curious about this cake. Looked just like an ordinary sponge cake. But, when I tried a bite, it was definitely my favourite. The marriage of green tea and lemon, definitely resulting a great product like this. The texture was good. Not as dry as it looked. Quite dense, so it’s amazing for hungry tummy like mine.

IMG_4334 IMG_4335

Thank you Blue Bottle Coffee for the hospitality.

Blue Bottle Coffee
3 Chome−13−14 Minamiaoyama
Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062
Phone: +81 3-5413-5380
IG: @bluebottlejapan

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