Taste Good at Muara Karang Raya Pluit Jakarta

March 3rd, 2018. Finally, the first brand of Sim Lim Square Singapore in Jakarta. Taste Good. When I saw their Instagram, I couldn’t wait to visit the place. So, that lovely Saturday, I asked hubby to go to the restaurant.


It’s really hard to find the place. Why? Because maps and waze were in a different mind at the time. Come on!! We were driving around and around to find the place. But finally we arrived at the right place. Fhiuuuuh. When I came inside, I saw a very spacious restaurant with beautiful murals in every corner. Before I came, I thought I will find a fancy restaurant. Turned out it’s just a modest one. Simple place with a very humble ambiance.

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Salted egg pork ribs with rice 50k

OMG! It’s really good. But too bad, I didn’t know that they will serve it spicy. Next time, definitely will ask them to make it no spicy. The salted egg sauce was flavourful, very creamy texture and not too salty. Love the texture of the pork ribs. Tender and juicy with well-seasoned flavour.


Creamy butter pork ribs with rice 50k

The texture was similar with the previous dish. The difference was only that it’s sweeter than the salted egg version. And we also have to ask them to make it non spicy version. LOL. It’s too spicy for us. But, if you like spicy pork, you should order their dishes. I guess, next time we will try their salted egg chicken. Hope they will open another outlet near our place.


Congratulations Taste Good. Cannot wait to be back.

Taste Good
Jl. Muara Karang Raya Blok Z3S No. 47
Muara Karang, Pluit, Jakarta
Phone: +62 21 22665338
IG: @tastegood.jkt

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