SAMAKAMU Kopi at Karet Kuningan Jakarta

March 1st, 2018. When I was on my way to Karet Tengsin, I passed by this coffee shop. At that time, they still didn’t have a sign in their facade. I saw their name from the standing flowers outside the place. SAMAKAMU. Whoaaa.. what a catchy name. Then I stalked their Instagram. Actually SAMAKAMU means with you. So when I saw their profile written: minum kopi samakamu, it’s so cute. Means: drinking coffee with you. Aaaaaaw.. romantic, right?


After coffee shops hopping since the morning to the afternoon, I visited the new coffee shop immediately. I saw that several people went there, and they really recommended the coffee shop. When I came, they still improving their facade for a sign, I guess. The place is simple and minimalist, but very very beautiful. They used pastel colours, very calm and serene. They used light pink, light green, light blue, light grey, and every light colours. LOL. Such a cool place. Well, I hope that people who go there will always respect the peaceful atmosphere there. Sometimes a beautiful place was ruined by the customers who go there and acting brutally hahaha..

IMG_2327 IMG_2333 IMG_2332 IMG_2328 IMG_2331 IMG_2335 IMG_2336

Es Kopi Susu SAMAKAMU 18k

When I came, they still had promotion buy 1 get 1. But I only drank 1 cup. The free cup, I gave it to my online car driver hahaha.. I could go crazy if I drank all two of them. LOL. Remember, I had 3 to 4 cups of coffee hahaha. OK, back to the es kopi susu. It’s quite rich for my palate. I found it a little bit strong, but still good for my tummy. I know a lot of people will love it. Well, before that, funny thing happened. When they gave me the coffee, I sipped a bit, and I said to myself, “Hmm.. very bitter.” Then, the barista said to me, “Errr. I think you should shake it first. The brown sugar still settles at the bottom of the cup.” LOL. After shake shake shake.. it was perfect. LOL.

IMG_2330 IMG_2329

Congratulations SAMAKAMU kopi. Definitely will be back with some friends to have a good time there.

Jl. Prof. DR. Satrio No. 18 B
Karet Kuningan, Jakarta
Phone: +62 812-8799-0168

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