Kopi Enak Indonesia at Bendungan Hilir Jakarta

March 1st, 2018.I knew about this place from a barista nearby. I wanted to visit them, but at the time it was raining hard. So, I postponed my visit to Kopi Enak Indonesia. They said, it is one of the latest coffee shop in Bendungan Hilir area. It’s not hard to find the place. Just look at your maps or waze. I did. And I walked from my previous coffee shop. Quite far, but it’s good for me, I guess. So I walked to the coffee shop. Good thing, it’s not raining nor it’s hot.


The place is very comfortable. They have outdoor and indoor area. Of course I chose the indoor area. I sat near their AC and electric plus, so it’s comfortable for me to sit quite long time to charge my macbook. There were some people there, working with their own laptop. What I love about the place is that they serve water for free. Yaaaaay.

IMG_2293 IMG_2296 IMG_2299 IMG_2300 IMG_2294 IMG_2295 IMG_2298 IMG_2301 IMG_2297

Es Kopi Susu Enak 18k

Another es kopi susu. It’s good. Quite light and perfect for my taste bud. No wonder they called it es kopi susu enak. Enak means delicious. So, they really have to make the coffee delicious, right? LOL.

IMG_2302 IMG_2303

Great job Kopi Enak Indonesia. Hope to visit you again soon.

Kopi Enak Indonesia
Jl. Bendungan Hilir No. 96
Phone: +62 21 5735557
IG: @kopienak.id

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