Kaca Coffee & Eatery at KH Mas Mansyur Karet Tengsin Jakarta

March 1st, 2018. Kaca Coffee & Eatery is very unique name. When I came to the place, I asked them why they named it Kaca. They said, they will open Rumah Kaca soon. Woo, cool. Anyway, Kaca means Glass. So Rumah Kaca means Glass House. Cool, right?


Located on the road side of Karet Tengsin area, just beside Fortune Spa. Actually you should pass Fortune Spa first, then you will arrive at an alley. Do not turn left. Do not. The building is located after the alley. I think it used to be an office building, but has been long abandones, I guess. I didn’t find any sign in front of the place. But I asked the security there and he said, “Yes, it’s the new coffee shop.” So I went inside with confident. The place is very spacious. I think it’s too spacious, if you looked at only several tables there. But it’s very bright inside. Thank you to the glass windows around the building. Anyway, I hope they will add more sofas there.

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Latte 35k

As usual I ordered hot latte. It was always a good start for your coffee journey. Served in big cup, I couldn’t finish it hahaha. And it’s my first destination at the day. I still needed to drink more coffee. LOL. Anyway, this latte was a great company to my cake. Yes, I ordered cake also. I was very hungry that morning. Light texture with smooth finishing was actually my favourite coffee.


Kue Nastar 38k

At first I was in doubt to order this one. I was afraid it won’t fit to my palate. But the barista convinced me to try it. And turned out, it was good enough for me. I just didn’t like the crumble. But I loved the generous pineapple jam that layered in the cake. Sweet taste with buttery texture. Recommended.

IMG_2276</a IMG_2278

Congratulations Kaca Coffee & Eatery for the opening. #sudahngacabelum?

Kaca Coffee & Eatery
Jl. K.H. Mas Mansyur No.Kav 129-130
Karet Tengsin, Tanah Abang
Phone: + 62 811-1207-779
IG: @kacajkt

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