Sushi Matsu at Wahid Hasyim Menteng Jakarta

February 23rd, 2018. I heard that Sushi Matsu holding a foodtasting event for foodies and bloggers. Then, not long after that, their photos scattered on Instagram. Of course, I was very curious about the taste. Then, that lovely day, I asked my sister to keep me company to visit the place.


Located on the facade of Cemara Hotel, it’s very easy to find Sushi Matsu. They divided the sushi place into 2 areas. The smoking area and the non-smoking area. At first, I sat in the non-smoking area, but the table was too small. Well, it’s for 2 persons but I needed bigger table to take photos. When I asked them, they said it’s full on the inside. If I wanted to move to another table, I should go to outside, to the smoking area. Well, I waited for my sister, then when she was ok with it, we moved to another table. I love the smoking area, since it got natural light from outside. Yaaaay.

IMG_1898 IMG_1899 IMG_1900 IMG_1908 IMG_1901 IMG_1904 IMG_1903 IMG_1902

Cold Ocha 10k



Saikoro Steak with Butter Sauce 98k

Diced Beef Steak / with Butter Sauce

Melt in your mouth! OMG! Foodgasm experience. Both of us. LOL. What does “saikoro” mean?  It actually means “dice”. If you manage to pay attention to the steak without being distracted by the aroma *I know I cannot hahaha*  you can see that the steak pieces are sliced into cube shapes like dice. The sexy texture combined with the sensual flavour and alluring fragrance. OMG! Truly foodgasm! Buttery with super tender texture. I will be back for this one again!

IMG_1926 IMG_1927


Gomoku Hana Sushi 140k

5 pcs variety hana sushi

Served in a cute house, the 5 hana sushi were in a different kind of flavours.


Salmon Spicymayo 58k

Served with tobiko ikura


Salmon Wasabimayo 56k

Served with tobiko ikura


Salmon Tobinor 58k

Served with tobiko ikura


Hotate Yuzumayo 68k

Served with crunchi ikura


Beef Truffle 65k

Served with tobiko ikura


From 5 hana sushi, my favourites were all of them, except the spicy one.
So, it means I love the sushi tobinor, hotate yuzumayo and beef truffle.
The spicymayo and wasabimayo were my less favourites.
But if you like spicy flavour, they are all delicious.
Melt in your mouth!


Spicy Salmon Cheese Roll 48k

Baked Salmon Sushi Roll Topped with Half Broiled Salmon and Cheese

Actually I asked for non-spicy one. So I could enjoy them. We ordered only 4 pcs, since we ordered a lot more of dishes. This menu was delicious also. Something magical happens when you combine salmon and cheese. Such a perfect combination.

IMG_1912 IMG_1918


Salmon / Aburi 30k

Fresh and buttery salmon sashimi. Too bad the cut was too thin. *sobbing* And it’s only 2 slices. OMG! I want more! LOL.



Chicken Namban 40k

Japanese Fried Chicken with namban sauce

Chicken Namban is a dish when the chicken fried in oil, dipped lightly in sugared vinegar and then finished off with a tartar sauce topping. It’s a succulent chicken, with tender and juicy texture. It’s definitely one of the best chicken namban I’ve ever tried.

IMG_1924 IMG_1925

Thank you Sushi Matsu for the lovely lunch. Definitely will be back soon!

Sushi Matsu
Jl. KH. Wahid Hasyim No.69
Menteng, Jakarta
Phone: +62 21 3147587
IG: @sushimatsu_id

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