Cipto 185 Coffee & Eatery – Saung Greenville at Green Ville Jakarta

February 2nd, 2018. I was walking in Green Ville area, when accidentally I saw this coffee shop. It’s true, by the way. LOL. I saw the name. Cipto 185 Coffee & Eatery. Then I checked on Instagram. Turned out, it’s same owner with Saung Greenville. So, yeah, I stopped by.


Located just beside Saung Greenville, Cipto 185 occupied a small area with friendly atmosphere and simple ambiance. When I came in, there were 3 people meeting for something about work. They were very noisy, so I didn’t take long time there. Just ordered coffee, took photos, and left the place.

IMG_1105 IMG_1111 IMG_1109 IMG_1108 IMG_1107 IMG_1106

Latte 25k

Yeah I know, I always order latte. Well, whenever I wanted to order another kind of coffee, I still ended up with latte hahaha. Well, I hate it to admit that I was afraid to try another one. So, I think I will always drink latte for my coffee.  And you have to live with it hahahaha.. Anyway, the latte was good. Bold texture with strong flavour. But still good for my tummy.


Love the cute doggy that stay there all the time. I think its name is Mini. LOL. Totally forgot. Anyway, nice to see the cute doggy!


Congratulations Cipto 185 for the opening.

Cipto 185 Coffee & Eatery
Saung Greenville
Jl. Green Ville No. 12A
Green Ville, Jakarta
Phone: +62 812-1286-8868
IG: @saunggreenville