Papa & Mama Bistro and Coffee at Green Ville Jakarta

February 2nd, 2018. Papa & Mama Bistro and Coffee previously opened as Papa & Mama Bakery. I knew about the place a long long time ago. Well, maybe after long time only for bakery, they decided to add coffeshop inside the place, and changed the name into Papa & Mama Bistro and Coffee.


Located at the road side of Green Ville Raya street, Papa & Mama Bistro and Coffee occupied 2 storeys building. But, I didn’t go to the second floor. Actually, I never went in to the previous place, so I cannot compare the place before and after. When I came in to the place, I felt a nice ambiance. They made it perfectly for a family gathering or friends meet-up.

IMG_1102 IMG_1093 IMG_1087 IMG_1090 IMG_1091 IMG_1092 IMG_1089 IMG_1094 IMG_1096 IMG_1088 IMG_1095

Latte 38k

Of course I should try their coffee, since it’s the newest thing there. I tried their latte for sure, instead of cappuccino or espresso. Actually I wanted to try their version of ice coffee or their ice chocolate, but I was alone, so I only tried one drink. The texture of the latte was bold with a very smooth after taste. Recommended!


Mocca Cake 12.1k

One of the best mocca cake I’ve ever tried. Soft and moist texture with deliciously sweet flavour. Super recommended when you come to the place to find a really good cake. Well, I found a hard time to choose cakes or bakery there. And I ended up choosing this one. I loved it! I think next time I will order a bigger size, and maybe I will try their other cakes. Wait up!

IMG_1099 IMG_1101

Thank you Papa & Mama for the lovely morning. See you again soon!

Papa & Mama Bistro and Coffee
Kompleks Green Ville Blok. AS No. 40C
Jl. Green Ville Raya, Jakarta
Phone: +62 21 5638805
IG: @papamama_bbc

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