Greenwood Coffee at Radio IV Gandaria Jakarta

January 29th, 2018. Greenwood Coffee was in my list since forever. But it’s quite far from my home, so I prefer to make a list first before going that area. That lovely day, when I had a chance to visit that area, finally I went to Greenwood Coffee.


A hidden gem in the area. Trust me. You will love the place. It’s simple and very humble. The place is very classic, as classic as a coffee shop naturally should be. The friendly barista kept me company for a lovely chit chat. We talked about new coffee shops around the area. We talked about my blogging work. We talked about everything. LOL. What a nice way to enjoy our coffee.

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Creme Brulee 27k

Sweet flavour with silky and creamy texture. Love the coffee. Not too strong for me, since I asked the barista to make it lighter. Such a perfect coffee to cheer me up. I was too tired at the day. So I needed something smooth yet rich for my coffee.


Thank you Greenwood Coffee for a lovely chat and delicious coffee.

Greenwood Coffee
Jl. Radio IV No. 2
Gandaria, Jakarta
Phone: +62 21 73910670
IG: @greenwoodcoffee

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