Bilik Senja at Panglima Polim Melawai Jakarta

January 29th, 2018. Another new coffee shop opened in Panglima Polim area. I visited the place on a very bright day. Actually, they didn’t have any sign, so it was quite hard to find the place. I searched around and I saw a new place. I dared myself to come and voila, it was Bilik Senja.


Not too spacious area, but made me feel so homey. They still didn’t have smoking area outside, so they still allowed people smoking inside. At first I wanted to stay a little longer there. But I couldn’t stand the smell of the cigarette smoke. So I decided to go to another place. I hope they will divided the area so next time I go there, it will be more comfortable.

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Quite rich for a latte. But I enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed other latte from other places. And I loved how they put the latte art. It was beautiful. My complaint was only one thing. It was too long for them to make the hot latte. I thought they forgot about my order hahaha. But then it arrived on my table.


Ice Lychee Tea

I was very thirsty. So, I orderd this ice lychee tea. Just a sweet and thirst-quenching drink. That’s all. Nothing really special about this one.


Congrats Bilik Senja. Welcome to the coffee shop communities in Jakarta.

Bilik Senja
Jl. Panglima Polim V No.30
Melawai, Jakarta
Phone: +62 813-1722-4209
IG: @biliksenjakopi

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