Kopi Kota Tua at Kerta Niaga Marketplace Kota Jakarta

January 26th, 2018. My second destination at Kota Tua area was Kopi Kota Tua. I walked from my previous coffee shop, about 750m. It was quite hot day, luckily I always bring cap. And good thing, I met a guy who helped me crossing the busy road. *thank you mister, you’re so kind*


Located at Kerta Niaga Marketplace, Kopi Kota Tua was very easy to find. Just look at the sign, of course. LOL. Anyway, they have high ceiling, but I didn’t go to their second level. Too high for me. I looked at the steep stairs, and decided to just stay below. Hahaha. The place was very comfortable with friendly people. We talked about blogging, photography, foodies, etc.

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Ice Tea 18k


Kota Tua Coffee Mix 33k

I chose the cold one, since I needed it after walking to the coffee shop in a super hot day. *wipe my sweat* I was very happy when I tried a sip of this coffee mix. It was really a good coffee. Such a perfect combination of coffee and milk. At first, I wanted to take it away, but I was very thirsty hahahaha I finished it right away.


Toast – Chocolate 25k

The chocolate toast was definitely my favourite. It reminded me of chocolate toast from my childhood. Simple but memorable. I guess, if you go there, you should order their toast. Definitely. The bread was crunchy crispy perfectly, with a generous chocolate filling. Dabest.


Great job Kopi Kota Tua. Keep up the good work.

Kopi Kota Tua
Kerta Niaga Marketplace Unit K3-01
Jl. Pintu Besar Utara No.11
Kota, Jakarta
Phone: +62 813-8310-0080
IG: @kopikotatuajakarta



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