Little Boy Coffee at Kemang Jakarta

January 22nd, 2018. When I saw the name, I found it cute. Little Boy Coffee. It’s like coming to coffee shop belongs to a little boy hahaha. I imagined a little boy greeted me LOL.


Located on the second floor of the building, the coffee shop divided into 2 areas. Smoking and non smoking. Not too spacious, but very comfortable. Friendly baristas and lovely playlists. The AC was quite cold and there was electric plugs everywhere. I wanted to stay a moment, but suddenly it was raining hard. Wow, it was really really hard. I imagined a typhoon. LOL. No, it’s not typhoon. Just a hard rain. Well, the point is, I had to stay longer there. If I wanted to order online car, I couldn’t get into the car without getting really wet. So better wait, right?

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Es Kopi Bocah 18k

They have 2 kinds of es kopi susu. The “bocah” and the “orang tua” hahaha. I think, the “bocah” means more milk. And I love this es kopi bocah because I prefer my coffee lighter and milkier. But if you wanna make sure about the difference between es kopi bocah and es kopi orang tua, you should go there and ask yourself. LOL.


Thank you Little Boy Coffee for making me very happy that rainy day.

Little Boy Coffee
Jl. Kemang I No.8
Kemang, Jakarta
Phone: +62 822-9974-6121
IG: @littleboycoffee

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