Martabak Boss at Wahid Hasyim Menteng Jakarta

February 24th, 2018. Before I checked-in in a hotel at Wahid Hasyim, I saw Martabak Boss nearby. Well, my sister told me about the place, but I didn’t really into martabak other than my favourite martabak place. But, when I saw it again after I had my pre-dinner. Yes, I had to eat at 3pm thanks to my gastric problem. *sigh* I asked hubby to came by the new place, after I saw that they collaborated with Sntay Eatery & Coffee.


Located at Wahid Hasyim street, it’s not hard to find the place. The yellow colour building with big sign, yup it’s them. They have second floor for smoking area. When we arrived, my hubby said, “It’s only for take away, hon.” I said to him, “No, we can sit inside. Look.” I opened the door, and voila, a lovely area inside amazed us. It’s only martabak place, but it’s beautiful. Rare to find, I guess. When I was a kid, martabak was just street food with not a fancy place like this one. I don’t really know the connection between this Martabak Boss with Sntay Eatery & Coffee. Maybe they wanted to separate the martabak from the coffee and food. I didn’t find anything about Sntay on internet. I just knew that Sntay pronounced Santay, as in being relax, simple, uncluttered, at ease, light, peaceful, friendly, casual and happy.

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Es Moka Boss 18k

Coffee with homemade chocolate boss spread

Coffee and chocolate. Perfect marriage. Tasted good. The sweet chocolate enhanced the flavour of the coffee. Well, actually I still tasted the pulp of the chocolate. Fortunately, it didn’t distract my taste bud.


Martabak Tuna Bule 78k

Tuna, Cheese, Corn.

We just had our sweet food before we came, so this time we tried their savoury one. Since I love tuna, I prefer to order tuna bule than the others. It’s tuna, cheese and corn. It was delicious! When it came to our table, the fragrant aroma from the tuna took possesion of my appetite right away. My hubby totally fell in love with the crispy and crunchy skin of the martabak.

IMG_2030 IMG_2033

Congratulations Martabak Boss and Sntay Eatery & Coffee for the opening.

Martabak Boss
Jl. Wahid Hasyim
Menteng, Jakarta
Phone: +62 812-872-2260
IG: @martabakboss

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