Mood Coffee at Bulungan Blok M Jakarta

January 21st, 2018. I wanted to visit this place sometimes ago, but it was too crowded. Hard to find the parking area, so I went to another place. So when my nephew had a birthday party near Mood Coffee, I asked hubby to visit the coffee shop first.


Located in a busy roadside, it’s easy to find parking in front of the place. Divided into 2 areas, smoking and non smoking, Mood Coffee is spacious coffee shop. The coffee shop is a bit dim lit, with friendly atmosphere. I was very surprised when someone said my name, and turn out, he’s my junior high school friend. Whoaaaa.. long time no see. Almost 30 years. Happy!

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Iced Tea 18k


Es Kopi Girang 20k

What a catchy name. Girang means happy or joy. And their es kopi was really make me happy. The flavour and the after-taste was a great balance. It was sweet but not too creamy.

IMG_0517 IMG_0518

Chocolate Danish 26k

Forgot to take photos of the chocolate danish, but you can see in my photo below. That blurry thing at the back of the photo hahaha. Yes, it was the chocolate danish. Love the chocolate flavour, but the pastry was too crispy. If you like super-crisp texture, it should be fine for you.


They have this particular thing for the latte art. You can ask them to take picture of you and print it on top of your coffee. At that day, I forgot to tell my hubby. I know he will love it. So, until next time!

Mood Coffee
Jl. Bulungan No. 16
Kebayoran Baru
Blok M, Jakarta
Phone: +62 21 7257617

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