[EVENT] Declare You Love at PAUL Indonesia on Valentine’s Day

February 9th, 2018. In celebration of the most lovely day in the world “Valentine’s Day”, PAUL Indonesia presents a wide array of Valentine’s Menu start from appetizer, main course until dessert from February 12th until March 15th, 2018. When they invited me, I asked them to bring Aline, Cindy and Fiona. But too bad, Fiona couldn’t make it. So, it was just the 3 of us. We were having fun, but we missed you, Fiona. *hugs*


PAUL is a French chain of bakery or cafe restaurants and established in 1889 in the city of Croix, Northern France. It offers a selection of country-style and fancy bread, viennoiserie (croissants, etc.) pastries, cakes and desserts, snacks and sandwiches. It was my first time to PAUL in Plaza Indonesia. I used to go their Pacific Place outlet. In Plaza Indonesia, they divided the place into 2 areas. The indoor area, and semi-outdoor area. It’s actually still inside the mall, but they made the place as we’re in outdoor area, with showcase of baked bread and pastry. Lovely.

IMG_1473 IMG_1474 IMG_1477 IMG_1486 IMG_1485 IMG_1476 IMG_1487 IMG_1491 IMG_1490 IMG_1488 IMG_1489 IMG_1495 IMG_1496 IMG_1492 IMG_1493

Mix berries mojito 45k


Lychee passion soda 45k


Smoothie multifruits 50k

A delectable blend of strawberries, blueberries and red dragon fruit.


Such a thirst-quenching. My favourite *definitely* the lychee passion soda.
But if you like other flavour than lychee, you should try their mix berries mojito.
Refreshing with pretty presentation.
The smoothie multifruits, suitable for those who love smoothie drinks.

Crab Millefeuille 95k

Crab mayo batter, crunchy fritter sheet and lemon mango vinaigrette

IMG_1499 IMG_1500

Exotic Prawn Tartar 130k

Prawns, coriander ginger sauce, exotic tartar and marinated zucchini tagliatelle

IMG_1497 IMG_1498

I couldn't choose which one was my favourite from those two starters.
The Crab Millefeuille was very delicious with perfect texture of crab.
The crunchy fritter sheet was overwhelming. Couldn't stop munching it.
Crunchy and crispy with tender texture. Superb!
The Exotic Prawn Tartar was also very delicious.
The prawn was tender and juicy. Crunchy, bouncy and firm together in one bite.

Valentine Scallops 130k

A melting and crusty rose-shaped potato, surrounded with colourful vegetables and lightly roasted scallops

IMG_1507 IMG_1506 IMG_1508

Beef Tenderloin with Valentine Heart 210k

Tenderloin beef, cinnamon sauce, heart gratin, mini flaky pastry heart, carrot and pear

IMG_1503 IMG_1504 IMG_1505

Valentine Scallops stole my heart in every single bite of the scallop.
The scallop was very moist. Soft as a cloud.
Love the puree too. Delicious and super tender.
The Beef Tenderloin was amazingly delightful with the tenderness.
The tenderloin had a delicious coating of savoury seasonings.
The heart gratin was superb. Very well-seasoned.

Pavlova Heart 65k

Meringue, tropezienne cream, strawberry fresh


Éclair au Café 45k

Traditional choux pastry with coffee crème pâtissière


Éclair a la Vanille 45k

Traditional choux pastry with vanilla crème pâtissière


Éclair au Chocolat 55k

Traditional choux pastry with chocolate crème pâtissière


Éclair Chocolat Guanaja Manjari 55k

Choux, Valrhona Chocolate cream, chocolate mousse, chocolate marzipan


Millefeuille Heart Red Berries 75k

Chantilly cream, red berries and layered with puff pastry


I tried all of the desserts.
My favourite was Millefeuille Heart Red Berries. The chantilly cream was dabomb.
The second favourite was Éclair au Café. Scrumptious dessert.
The coffee crème pâtissière tasted perfectly delicious.
The other desserts were good, but not as good as those two.
LOL. Just kidding. The other desserts were as good as those two, for sure.
But I prefer the Millefeuille Heart Red Berries and Éclair au Café.

Thank you PAUL for the lovely Valentine’s lunch.

Plaza Indonesia 2nd Floor
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Menteng, Jakarta
Phone: +62 21 29924285
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