[BOGOR] Kopi Boutique at Jalak Harupat Bogor

January 6th, 2018. The first outlet of Kopi Boutique opened in Cipete area. But I’ve never been there. So, when I heard that they opened in Bogor, it became our second destination.


The diversity of Indonesia is not only manifested in the form of art, culture and society, but also in the form of biological products, one of which is coffee. Spread over the area of ​​Kathulistiwa, the variety of Indonesian coffee products spread from Aceh on the West side to Papua on the East end and produces different tastes in each region. Soil fertility “Ring of Fire” produces superior quality coffee products. We, Kopi Boutique Indonesia presents the best coffee diversity ranging from selective selection of coffee beans, storage, good processing by experienced roasters and distribution process taking into account product life.

I didn’t know about the Cipete outlet, but this one was huge. They have outdoor area and indoor area. And they still have back area which is very very spacious. When I came they haven’t opened the back area. The coffee shop is very cosy. If I had more time, I would spending time there until closing time hahahaha.. And, their parking area is super spacious.

IMG_9991 IMG_9990 IMG_9993 IMG_9997 IMG_9994 IMG_9995 IMG_9996

Green Tea 20k


Cafe Latte 30k

Rich texture. While I asked for a lighter one, I was happy that the latte was still having quite strong taste of coffee. And I love the latte art, so beautiful.


Italian Meringue 25k

The Italian Meringue was really a perfect companion for my latte. The sweet sour cake and the latte were complimenting each other. Brought a beautiful harmony to my taste bud.


Congratulations Kopi Boutique Bogor for the opening.

Kopi Boutique
Jl. Jalak Harupat No. 19
Phone: +62 811-1174-529
IG: @kopiboutiquebogor

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