SIKU Dharmawangsa at Dharmawangsa X Jakarta

January 4th, 2018. Opened since Oct 16th, 2017, SIKU offered One Stop Center. Eatery, Studio, Flowers & Gifts, Skin Care, Learning Center and Event. And, on early of January I went there alone. I visited SIKU Eatery for sure. I asked Aline and Cindy to keep me company. Too bad Aline couldn’t come. So it’s just the two of us.

SIKU is the brainchild of two friends, Navilla and Irarosa. Being full-time mothers of one and five, they shared the need of channeling their inner business. They came up with an idea of a business that relates with their situation as mothers. It is a place that fits the whole family, with the mothers and children at the center of attention. SIKU was therefore established. The word SIKU in Bahasa Indonesia has multiple meanings: elbow; angle; corner. It is a simple name that describes the location of the establishment, a street corner amidst a quiet residential area.


SIKU Daily Eatery is part of SIKU the one-stop family center, a mother and children friendly place ideal for after school destination, located on a quiet corner at Jalan Darmawangsa X. The interior of SIKU dining area emanates warmth, with its red and green accents, balanced by neutral earthy tones. The outdoor area is no less charming, equipped with a picnic garden and several day beds. Being photogenic and insta-worthy, SIKU will make the perfect choice for your events, from birthday party, arisan, gatherings, to small launching party. More than just being photogenic and insta-worthy, of course, SIKU with a capable team is ready to arrange buffet and set menu for your events.

Before I came to SIKU, I searched on the internet about the review. I saw a blog about it. And it wasn’t impressed me at all. So, I gave the place very low expectation. BUT! When I came, I fell in love right away. The place is super beautiful. They have indoor and outdoor area. The indoor are divided into some themes, and the outdoor is very pretty with picnic theme. I won’t bored you with my words. Just look at my photos below.

IMG_9925 IMG_9926 IMG_9927 IMG_9928 IMG_9929 IMG_9930 IMG_9933 IMG_9935 IMG_9934 IMG_9932 IMG_9943 IMG_9936 IMG_9931 IMG_9937 IMG_9941 IMG_9938 IMG_9942 IMG_9940 IMG_9939

Es Kopi Siku 20k

It was such a hot day. Yes, at the date, the raining season hasn’t started yet. LOL. So, when I came the sun was shining brightly, and I was definitely craving for something cold. Lucky me, they have iced coffee. Yaaaay. It finished in a jiffy hahaha.. While it looked so milky, the texture wasn’t too creamy. The flavour of the coffee was still quite strong.


Hot Cappuccino 35k

It was Cindy’s order. And she said, “It’s good!” Well, next time I should try their hot coffee then. Hmmm..


Homemade Risolle 28k

Deep Fried Minced vegetables Croquette Rolled with Breadcrumbs

Well, since after SIKU we had to go to another venue for big lunch *yes, big big big lunch* so we didn’t order much. I was curious about their risolle. Well, Risolle was one of my weaknesses, trust me. But too bad, it wasn’t that good. The breadcrumbs were too crunchy. Well, I prefer the skin was softer. Cindy said the sauce enhanced the flavour of the risolle. But I didn’t try the sauce. Sour spicy sauce wasn’t my favourite either.


Cheddar Sticks 48k

Deep Fried Cheese Sticks coated with breadcrumbs

Funny thing. We ordered this one because we wanted to take photos of the melted cheese while halved. We were very excited. When it came to our table, we immediately took one stick and broke it right away. And there was no melted cheese. LOL. You should see our faces. Priceless. Hahaha. Lucky us, it tasted better than the previous dish. Well, maybe because I prefer cheese than vegetables.


Great job SIKU. Definitely worth another visit from me. *wink wink*

Jl. Darmawangsa-X No. 120A
Phone: +62 21 22776687
IG: @siku.dharmawangsa

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