Foresthree Coffee & Juice at Panglima Polim Melawai Jakarta

January 4th, 2018. I knew about their place in Bogor, but I just found out that Foresthree Coffee & Juice opened in Jakarta. So, instead of going to Bogor, I prefer to go to their branch in Jakarta.


The place is very pretty with forest as the concept. Err.. I wanted to ask why they name it Foresthree. Forest and Three? What’s the meaning of it? Well, hope they read my review here. LOL. Anyway, the place is nice and very comfortable. Divided into 2 areas. Smoking and non-smoking. There’s an artificial tree in the smoking area, with artificial grass envelopes tables and chairs. Very particular.

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Hipster Coffee 19k

It was a hot day, and I really needed a delicious iced coffee for myself. Such a recommended iced coffee. Less sweet with a strong flavour of coffee.


Pineapple Whole 40k

Pineapple, Orange, Mango

A juice in a whole of pineapple, consists of pineapple, orange and mango. Love it. Tasted sweet with such a perfect texture of a juice. The presentation was very unique. But the upper of the pineapple fell off. I think they should do something to that, so they won’t fell off again next time. 🙂


Breakfast Omelette 40k

Love the omelette. It was very juicy. I think it’s one of the best omelette I’ve ever tried. The french fries was perfect in texture but  a little bit too salty for me. Anyway, overall, it was very good. Love the sausages too.


Congratulations Foresthree for opening in Jakarta.

Foresthree Coffee & Juice
Jl. Panglima Polim IX No. 4
Melawai, Jakarta
Phone: +62 21 27933626
IG: @foresthreecoffeeandjuice

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